Nursery – Part 4: Baby Bath Towels

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Probably many of you have tried to buy good quality Baby Towels for your newborns. I was so surprised when I couldn’t find anything soft and thick enough, not mentioning rocket high prices and we definitely need this item in out Nursery so I had to do something about it.

Thankfully we have two hands which can manage anything so I have put this new sewing project together and I hope you will like it too.

I have purchased one super big size of batch towel and one small one in the same color – light purple obviously 🙂towel 1

I cut the big one in the half, then the small one across diagonally so we have two triangles for hoods from the small one. Yes we will have two Baby Bath Towels out of it.

I used some decorative embroidery on the front and sewed it together at the corner. Make sure these pieces are attached well. When the baby is born you may not have time to get it fixed 🙂 towel 3

You can sew on a soft piece of fabric on the inside part of hood to make the touch even softer as this part will be on the forehead of your baby. towel 2

Then I use the same color of fabric at the edges to cover all those nasty pills of fabric all around.

towel 4

towel 5

towel 6

This is it! Now we have two beautiful, extra soft and thick Baby Bath Towels! The total cost was half the price of “ready” shop towels and double the final quality product.

If you need more, go ahead it took me about 45 minutes to finish one.

towel 7