Acrylic Speed Painting

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Welcome to super speedy acrylic painting! It was always so amazing to me: speed painting tutorials! I finally have my own! This is just first one but there will be more as this looks like amazing tool to show art and engage viewers. I’m sure you will agree it is much more attractive than looking at static finished painting.

speed painting 2I have started working on Muslim Fest 2016 Art show and since I have decided to present more varieties of my art I had to start painting before end of the year so all will be ready before end of August when Muslim Fest is schedule to show

One of my ideas was to paint flowery triptych on the paper with glass over it and wooden frame. Smaller size, only 8 x 10 inches, may bring interest of many  potential customers as smaller sizes are usually cheaper than large productions.

I have broken down my tutorial to two parts and added some of my favourite music from different parts of the world. I hope you will enjoy watching it.

This is how you can squeeze 1.5 hours of work in to 10 minutes movie.

Now it is time to add a signature and my favourite stamp which tells how much I care and put all my heart in to my art.

speed painting speed painting 1Oh yes, I have mentioned that my plan was to make triptych. I have already painted 2nd part of it.

speed painting 3Third one to cone soon and I’m planning to showcase it as speed painting as well. Creating this way is so much fun not mentioning how much fun is watching it too. I hope you did feel more of connection with my work and you will come back to see it again. This is precious experience for any level of skis. It makes you feel like anybody could do it. Please don’t be shy and try! There is plenty of acrylic speed painting in the internet to choose from and there will be more on The One With Art soon..