Great deal T-shirts

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This is going to be a surprise!Tshirt1 When it gets a bit colder and we have to start thinking about long-sleeved t-shirts for kids it is hard to find bargains in the stores. When I was looking through summer season clothes on sale I found those fabulous tank tops size XL for men. There was plenty of material to make something brand-new and the colors are lovely too, so why not?! I got two of them for $6 in total and started planning.

I thought that adding some fun to this project will engage my daughter as well, so after cutting it all up and then putting it together I allowed her to create some art on it. t-shirt 1 I’m glad I got two of those t-shirts because I messed the up the red one a bit and the sleeves got too tight to wear it.

t-shirt 2So we ended up with tank top again, but it is ok, another long-sleeved t-shirt can go underneath or I could have used other material to make sleeveless, but there was no time! I had my little art maker standing next to me and keep asking “Can I start now? Can I start now?”. I had to hurry up so she could start on the red piece and I could work on the blue one. t-shirt 3The finished project is  lovely and she couldn’t wait to put it on 🙂 t-shirt 4 We have used special paints for fabrics. paint for fabrics Mine  are quite old and after drying I have to iron them to make the picture permanent but you can get a wide range of this kind of products in “Michaels” or even in Walmart. Those new ones are much easier to use with a little applicator at the end, so no more messy brushes.

Painting on the fabric is a lot of fun, so I’m sure you will see more of it on future posts. Going back to my project 🙂 I finished the 2nd t-shirt, this time I took better measurements so the sleeves were bang on. t-shirt 5 I know there is no art on it yet but wait a second! I will update this post again very soon so you can see final result. This time I’m having fun with painting it 🙂

T-shirt art Now the t-shirt is so unique, colorful and pretty! I just love it! Would your kids love it? Go on, have a try!