Frozen Vest

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I have fantastic new Frozen Vest design which will make your kids happy and keep their back warm in cold winter days! I can’t believe how much fun I had myself while working on it.

Frozen Vest 15My older daughter got her Frozen “fever” some time ago. Lets face it, any Frozen related products (or any other Disney characters) are so expensive! I really had to try and design something Frozen- like myself. Grab this free vest design and get creative with colors, fabrics and shapes.

Frozen Vest 1

I came up with reversible vest which is going to be winter related on both sides. One side is made of fluffy Minky fabric and the other side from flannel. You will need to take a few measurements. We need the back width (between the shoulders), the depth of the armscye (from the top of the shoulder down to the arm pit) and the length of the vest (from the top of the shoulder to the waist line). My daughter is seven and my dims were as follow: W: 34 cm, D: 22 cm, L: 35 cm. You need to cut the back and the front two times from both fabrics.

Frozen Vest aI have decided to add a small ruffle around. If you’d like to add it as well please cut two identical pieces of similar shape like on the photo below. Mine has 15 cm width. Length dependence on this how much ruffle you would like to have.

Frozen Vest 4You could use a lighter type of ruffle fabric to make it more airy but I’m worried that my active girl will have it ripped first day, so I’m going with flannel.

Once you have all necessary pieces sew them together in pairs as on the pictures.Frozen Vest bFirst top of the shoulders, then on the sides and in the end add the ruffle. Please sew one more time along the connecting seam of the main part of the vest and ruffle in order to make edge sit flat underneath.

Frozen Vest 6The same has to be done for both sets of the vest.

Frozen Vest 6aWhen we turn it on the right side it should look like this:

Frozen Vest 11While both sets are on the left side sew all around keeping maybe 0.5 to 1 cm margin from the edge. Use pins to prevent the fabrics from moving. Make sure all parts meet neatly.

Frozen Vest 7Now you need to make a few small cuts of fabric in all those places where we have a curve shape. I made mine about 1 cm apart from each other on the curve part of the ruffle and around the neck line of the vest.

Frozen Vest 8

It has to be done in order to flatten and thin the fabrics once we turn everything on the right side. All the shapes will look clear and firm.

Frozen Vest 10Turn the vest on the right side through the armscye. Then go all around again to keep the fabrics together and prevent them from moving.

A very important part left: the armscye! Be careful while putting both fabrics together, make sure they will not move against each other and sew slowly! This is a very crucial part for a quality finish.Frozen Vest 12Now we need to add some decorative elements like Frozen snow flakes (I got them from the local fabric store). I sewed it on by hand attaching to the one layer of fabric only, so the stitch is not visible on the reverse side. We could have done it at the very beginning of the procedure but at that time I wasn’t sure in which places I would like to have them so I kept it for last.

Frozen Vest 14 Frozen Vest 16

Frozen Vest 13This is a very simple vest pattern for kids with a little twist from the Disney story. Don’t underestimate the Frozen’s power hahaha! She can manage outside in -5C without a jacket! You are welcome, sweet Parya, you look so fashionable in it.

Frozen vest Parya 3

Enjoy sewing!