Red Cup Oil Painting

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I truly love working with oil paintings. I know it takes time as each layer needs from 5 to 7 days for drying but this time allows me to plan it in details how to apply the next one. You already got to see the sketch of this painting some weeks ago but I think it is always good to start with a small reminder and obviously, we need a sketch to show where I started. I have titled it: Red Cup, kind of obvious when you look at it once completed.Red Cup (1)Some people ask me how I select an image which I want to paint? This is always a very difficult process. I look for an item which brings my attention (or sometimes it may be just a play of light in the water which I like to catch) then I look for something else which would complement it in the color and form, then I think how to bring them together on interesting background. Plenty of fabrics which I have in my sewing studio always helps. I’m trying to use fabrics without patterns but who knows, maybe some sort of composition with fabric and bold print on it could give an interesting effect.Red Cup (2)I have outlined all darkest areas on the painting except a cup which I have find out later as a mistake because my red paint was transparent and didn’t blend well with black.

Then I have covered background with first layer of blue and added yellow and green on the flowers.Red Cup (3)I had to wait couple of days to make sure that blue field is dry before adding red as I wanted to avoid any possible mixing. Flowers got their centers and pearls got their white color.Red Cup (4)Best way to work on the oil painting (or acrylic) is to paint from external parts towards the center and from less detailed areas to more detailed. Thanks to this method you will see progress on your painting really fast which obviously gives more motivation to carry on with painting. All of the artists struggle with motivation sometimes, we tend to start artworks and don’t finish them for months. It is good to have an external motivations like an exhibition deadline or a partner to keep reminding you about your goals.Red Cup (5)On the picture above I have covered most of the background with second layer of blue, added highlights ant the same time and smoothed out darker areas. I have used Persian Blue which is a transparent color and getting those folds of fabric painted was quite a challenge and I had to make 4 layers in total.

As you can see I have worked out the flowers with all of the highlights on them and added second layer of red on the cup incorporating black in the shaded areas.Red Cup (6)I can see that colors of the below picture are quite different from the above one, sorry about that. Above photo was taken in the evening with camera flash and it has affected colors.

Below you can see finished painting.Red Cup (7)The cup has few layers of red on it and I had to use a sponge to blend red and black and ad highlights were needed. Bracelet got it’s silver bling which is not so much visible on the photo and pearls got shades where they belong for realistic look and correct light reflection. This is my favorite painting and I’m already thinking where to hang it. Red Cup Oil Painting would look fantastic in the dining area or kitchen, so for me painting and for you story how I made it. I will share more interesting oil painting tutorials very soon.