Big Mystery Box

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Hi Friends!

I have something surprising to share 🙂 I have called it The Big Mystery Box.

It will be my new fresh addition to the fantastic list of interests, tutorials and projects.

We will be able to discover all of the items and learn how to use them to create fashionable style, gift items and the best part we are going to have so much fun!

Let’s open our Big Mystery Box now…

box 2You have probably guessed. It is a box full of beaded jewellery items. I just love it!

In this new section I’m going to introduce basics of jewellery 3Simple step by step tutorials where you will be able to discover all necessary items, tools, different types of jewellery fashion.

We are going to work on multiple projects and you will be able to find some of them in my on line shop which is going to come to life very soon.

You just can’t imagine how fantastic jewellery box we are going to create 4