Oil Painting – Landscape

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Hi Everybody!

I didn’t have a chance to show you my latest landscape oil painting. I have used my friend’s photo from New Zealand and I have titled this painting “Peaceful beach – New Zealand“.

Peaceful Beach - New Zealand

I have already presented it on Muslim Fest 2014 and a great idea came to my head! How about I will give myself 5 days challenge! 5 paintings in 5 days! I would have to use acrylic instead of oil paints for fast dry.

I’m very exited already. I have decided to make 5 landscapes as I don’t have many of those and all 5 will go in to my on-line shop.

Yes, you did read correctly. I’m going to activate my on-line shop and slowly grow number of items for sale.

New Zealand landscape and Sunflower which I painted recently are going on sale first.

Muslim Fest 2014

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Welcome to 2014 Muslim Fest presentation.

Muslim Fest 2014It was so amazing to be here again and experience so big event and exposure.

All of the artists worked hard to prepare fantastic art and present it in best possible way. My only complain would be space usage on the exhibit. We were limited to 5 items of art only but there was actually much more space which could be used and we could easily fit in 7 or 8 pieces each. I think it is going to be my recommendation for next year.

Muslim Fest 2014b

Kids section shined with Parya’s artwork which made us very proud!

Muslim Fest 2104a

I was so happy to see interest in my paintings. Business cards were disappearing from the table. I hope that all of you who have pick them up will be my new viewers on line.

Exhibit was an exiting event and I’m thinking already what to show next year.

See you again on Muslim Fest and for those who didn’t make it this year please try in 2015, you are going to love it.

Muslim Fest 2011 and 2012

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Due to the new upcoming event in Mississauga this year I have decided to share some memories of two Muslim Fests.

I had the pleasure of participating in both of them and showing my art.

Muslim Fest 2011 aThe Muslim Fest has a long tradition in Canada and it has an average of 25 thousand visitors during the 2-day event.

The Art Exhibition is one of many attractions among live music, stand-up comedy shows, camel rides, a bazaar and Middle Eastern food.

These were my first public presentations. I’m sure you can recognize same paintings I have already presented on this website but stay tuned: the new Muslim Fest 2014 is coming up in a few weeks and I will have some new paintings to show. Muslim Fest 2012


Neilson Park Art Fair 2014

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The day finally came.
Neilson Park Art Fest 2014
Neilson Park Art Fair 2014  started at 10 am and we could feel a high interest starting from the beginning.
Since I had never done this before I really didn’t know what to expect. It turned out that the average age of visitors was about 50, and many of them were artists themselves. They mostly hunted for ideas or cheap pieces which they could use for gifts. I did get  very good feedback which was exactly what I was looking for. The majority of visitors liked the colours and style of my art. I did get suggestions to have more clothess in a variety of sizes and have them better displayed. I have also decided that for this kind of fair I should prepare small formats of art on canvas, and prints and maybe postcards? This would make my brand to better distributed among people, however, I did get some e-mail addresses and handed out some business cards.
I found all the event very successful and I have better ideas about different ways of presenting and making additional lines of items to bring more people to the booth.
I have also decided to put all my paintings, as they are still packed and secured, to the basement because – you’ll never guess – the empty nails on my walls will definitely motivate me to spend more time on painting!
The next Art Fair will be in November but before that we will participate in the Muslim Fest 2014 which is going to happen at the beginning of August.
Talk to you again next week!