Dress from Baby Onesies

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dress from to small onesies 12I have so many things going on which I would love to share with you. Let’s start with my new fantastic sewing machine! I was waiting for it a while and I couldn’t believe I finally got it. It obviously had to be tested right away and yes it does work perfectly fine. One hour of practice at store was enough to run through all of basic options. How cool is that? I got one hour free training with purchase of my overlock machine. dress from to small onesies 14Isn’t he beautiful? Works like a dream too. I have completed a small sewing project under an hour. Dress from Baby Onesies was so quick and easy.dress from to small onesies 1I have used baby onesies which is already to small but has very good quality and I simply love this flowery embroidery on the top. I have managed to buy fabric with a matching patter.dress from to small onesies 3I have cut out the bottom of it. Then from a long strip of fabric I have added gathering to create a small skirt. Length of one part was as 3 widths of onesies.

First I have connected back and front of fabric strip to create a loop.dress from to small onesies 4Please look at this stitch. It is perfectly straight and 100% professional.dress from to small onesies 6Then I added gathering all around. You have to make sure it has been spread evenly on each side and left to right. dress from to small onesies 7I really think picture tells it all 🙂 Now we need to add long sleeves. I have measured length and depth. Then I have sewn it along. dress from to small onesies 8Now tricky part. You need to add top of the sleeve on the inside of onesies on the original stitch. I have used pins to keep it in place.dress from to small onesies 9Sew around slowly and make sure to keep it straight and equally deep.

Now we can hem it all around on the bottom of the skirt and around bottom of the sleeves.

dress from to small onesies 10I sewn some clothing left with this kind of hem on the bottom but I don’t like it too much, so I have used my regular machine and straight stitch to fold it under.dress from to small onesies 11Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Dress from Baby Onesies in no time. My little girl will be best dressed baby coming spring and summer.dress from to small onesies 13My second surprise for this post is a sticker with address of my website on the back of my car.dress from to small onesies 15How do you like it? It has been already noticed and it reflex in number of visits as well. I guess it was a good idea.