Your Best Of 2016

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I’m really surprised to hear how difficult 2016 was and I do agree that many horrible things have happened in global politics, economy, and humanity. Many famous people passed away and far too many which we never knew but I know that for many people this year was also a year of babies being born and year of first true love or year of a new chance. Before you will get on your New Year resolutions try to make a list of top 10 best things which has happened to you in 2016. Take your time and try to feel it right from your heart. When you get your first 10 you will feel that you could add another 10. There are so many things to appreciate! Then make an ornament for each of them with a hidden note and year so you won’t forget. Years ahead reading those notes will bring a smile on your face that is for sure. All is about putting things and events into the perspective. But I didn’t want to start a philosophic topic here but to bring up my 3 favorite posts of this year.

IMG_6114Painting for the this year Muslim Fest was so much fun. I simply love this water lily oil painting. It reflects deep darkens of green colored water and brings so much contrast with the white flower. It looks really bold on the lightly colored wall. I have some fantastic plans for 2017 Muslim Fest too and it will be great if you can share this experience with me.

pearls bracelet (8)

This bracelet was such a good idea. It was quite a lot of work to connect all of those small pieces of chain in between but it was worth it! The result is really stunning and because of multi-color and multi-layer, I can wear it with so many different outfits. I’m planning to use this concept to some other designs and I’m sure you will like those too.

T-shirt pattern (30)How about this post with super easy pattern making? This one was really useful. I did few different designs of T-shirts for my older daughter and later I have also sewed few T-shirts for my younger one. This pattern making technique made my day and I could produce few pieces of clothes in one day. It was worth to spend some time and cut it from paper first.

I would love to know what is your best of 2016 story? Don’t be shy and share it with me or leave a comment below for all of us to enjoy it.


Muslim Fest 2016

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How exciting it was to participate in the Muslim Fest 2016 Art Exhibition. You got to see my oil paintings presentation earlier so now I can tell you a bit more about the event.

I can’t appreciate enough about the high level of organization and variety of different shows starting from spoken poetry, kids songs and ending on famous singers. Food stands were fantastic and my personal favorite, clothe boutiques with middle eastern designs and fabrics didn’t let me leave empty handed.muslim-fest-2016-2I also loved the artist’s corner which was set up in front of Art Exhibit hall. Various artists got to book about 1.5 h and paint in front of live audience. As you probably know not many artists like this kind of exposure but I always say that best way to concur your fears is by facing them. I have obviously participated and got very positive feedback which is so important for artists.muslim-fest-2016-6We had to bring our supplies and small format of canvas or paper in order to complete artwork in the short time frame. This is always quite difficult. When we start painting time passes by very quickly and even small format of art can be unfinished when we concentrate on many details. I did very quick three color background and blend it with the sponge in unevenly.muslim-fest-2016-7Then I have painted lovely daisy in the middle. I wish I did a pink background in the center instead of white one then flower would be better visible. muslim-fest-2016-9Then just a signature and it’s ready!

Artist’s corner was about promoting of artists but also about promoting of art itself. I had a lot of questions from Moms asking where do I buy supplies, where to look for courses for their kids or how to even start with the introduction to art?muslim-fest-2016-8My story wouldn’t be full if I did not tell you about Parya’s this year presentation in the category of Young Artist. She has prepared two acrylic paintings with bright colors and positive theme. I can’t believe they were both ready in time for submission regardless late start. As a reward this year kids got Certificate of participation – what a good idea! We are going to frame it and hang in Parya’s room. I’m so proud of her.muslim-fest-2016-5Muslim Fest 2016 was a successful event and I have plans for next year already. I can tell you that we will see lots of beautiful landscapes from special places in the world so please mark your calendar and come to see Art Exhibit in person or keep visiting my blog and I will show you all of my paintings as well.

How I Prepare for the Art Show

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The past few weeks were so busy I even didn’t have a chance to start working on the paintings which are going to the next Muslim Fest Art Shows in August. There is so little of time left and so much to do not mentioning I’m running into the same time problem each year. I love to paint with oil paints and I should start preparations much earlier to have enough time for drying of individual layers. I will probably have to switch some of the paintings to acrylics which are so much easier to complete in shorter time frame.

Never than less, I will have 2 special “paintings” and I can’t wait to show you the final idea. I came up with it just yesterday before I feel asleep. You probably know that the best ideas are somewhere between conscious and sub-conscious and the best way to unlock this potential is to daydream and imagine as much as possible.

For now, I’m going to show you the sketch of first 3 canvas which is going to be finished in oils or in acrylics as soon as possible. Deadline is mid-August so it is really 3 weeks to go and I don’t have a chance to sit in the piece and concentrate on the painting! All because of the new website and the big project I’m working on – this is going to be a surprise! I will share it with you sometime in September and I think you are going to be shocked! I will finish here so I will not spill some details by accident if you know what I mean.

Right, let’s get back to my sketches.

All of them are around floral composition, very neutral and optimistic accent. I’m planning to use mostly primary colors. This one is set on the fabric which makes so many interesting shades and shapes around flowers and the cup. I have placed one of my bracelets on the top of the cup to bring some more light in this area and bracelet will be my primary point of focus as it is sill stands out dramatically on the red cup. By the way, it is quite difficult to take a good photo of pencil drawing on the canvas (or paper), I took a lot of them before selecting those which I thought are the best and I still should apologise for quality, it is not good at all.IMG_5580Next two paintings are going to present flowers only. One of them shows lily on the lake. I love how flower reflects in the water. Lily will be white with a bit of pink and water will have very deep dark color. It will look amazing, I have a feeling this painting will be sold first, I even hesitate if I should put it on sale at all? I have some sort of weakness for lilies. They look so gentle and perfect I hope I will be able to capture it.IMG_5685Last painting shows a daisy with big close up. I got to take a very good photo on the other day and I thought that large painting of this daisy should make a good impression on the viewers. I would like to make sure that visitors of this Muslim Fest Art Show will remember me somehow not mentioning there are a couple of prices to win and one of them is awarded by the audience.

As you can see my little daughter Anna was trying to draw with me and I have lot’s of finger marks all over the canvas. Sweet baby girl, she is going to be an artist for sure! I have to wash walls regularly after she is done with her pencil drawings on them. I gave her acrylic paints once but instead of putting them on the paper she was playing with consistency and made a lot of mess around. I guess we will have to wait few more months before she will let me explain to her how to use them.IMG_5686Daisy is going to be yellow with a dark background, maybe navy blue will look good? I really have to start painting soon and I love that The One With Art will get to present art this year. I was told that we were missed last year so I will do my best to prepare perfect presentation this year and Muslim Fest visitors are going to enjoy it. If you are somewhere in the neighbourhood please come for a visit last weekend of August at Celebration Square in Mississauga.

Muslim Fest 2014

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Welcome to 2014 Muslim Fest presentation.

Muslim Fest 2014It was so amazing to be here again and experience so big event and exposure.

All of the artists worked hard to prepare fantastic art and present it in best possible way. My only complain would be space usage on the exhibit. We were limited to 5 items of art only but there was actually much more space which could be used and we could easily fit in 7 or 8 pieces each. I think it is going to be my recommendation for next year.

Muslim Fest 2014b

Kids section shined with Parya’s artwork which made us very proud!

Muslim Fest 2104a

I was so happy to see interest in my paintings. Business cards were disappearing from the table. I hope that all of you who have pick them up will be my new viewers on line.

Exhibit was an exiting event and I’m thinking already what to show next year.

See you again on Muslim Fest and for those who didn’t make it this year please try in 2015, you are going to love it.

Muslim Fest 2011 and 2012

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Due to the new upcoming event in Mississauga this year I have decided to share some memories of two Muslim Fests.

I had the pleasure of participating in both of them and showing my art.

Muslim Fest 2011 aThe Muslim Fest has a long tradition in Canada and it has an average of 25 thousand visitors during the 2-day event.

The Art Exhibition is one of many attractions among live music, stand-up comedy shows, camel rides, a bazaar and Middle Eastern food.

These were my first public presentations. I’m sure you can recognize same paintings I have already presented on this website but stay tuned: the new Muslim Fest 2014 is coming up in a few weeks and I will have some new paintings to show. Muslim Fest 2012