How to Downsize a Shirt

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Resizing any kind of clothing is quite easy most of the times. All dependence on the pattern and how much it has to be resized. I have prepared this small tutorial on how to downsize a shirt with use of simple pattern, full size resizing and overlock serger machine.downsizing shirtI got this shirt on-line last year and even I have selected correct size (as per charts) when it has arrived I have find out that it was size to big plus it had finish defects, so I didn’t wear it even once. It is simple DIY fabric with a bit of stretch in it so I believe all process should be quick and easy.

First I have put it on left side out to properly mark how much smaller it should be for perfect fit. Then I have removed some stitching on the end of sleeve, on the bottom of the shirt and under pits.downsizing shirt 1

First I have sew around the sleeve. If you didn’t work on the overlock serger yet you should definitely try. It is huge save of time. I have used just few pins, it did cut, hem , stitch – all at the same time.downsizing shirt 2Next step was to downsize side stitch from the end of the sleeve to the bottom of the top. I just had to follow the shape with market distance from the original edge of the shirt.downsizing shirt 3Now we have to fix finish of selves and this very unfortunate finish of bottom of my shirt.downsizing shirt 4Since I didn’t want to lose any fabric on the length I have decided to remove all original stitch and sew it on fresh hoping that my finish will look better than “professional” on-line store quality.downsizing shirt 5This type of stitch you can achieve on your regular machine with double needle. downsizing shirt 8You will also need second fit for a thread which can be done in at least 3 ways. First and second one is by purchasing an additional holder which can fit on the top of your bobbin wider or in the spicily cut whole on the top of your machine (most of machines does have this attachment). downsizing shirt 6I got mine for bobbin winder in the local machine store and repair shop. Third idea is “home made”. You can attach pencil or other slim round object which can hold a roll of threat up right. I have used wide duck tape to keep it on strongly and firmly.downsizing shirt 7I have turned shirt on the left side and put footer in so I can try to monitor feed of fabric under and stitch over. Go slow to have better control and avoid corrections.downsizing shirt 9