Nursery – Part 5: Bassinet Make-Over

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Dear Friends!

This time we are going to work on the Bassinet for our Nursery room.

I have checked in many baby stores in my area but unfortunately there was nothing available in purple, so I have no choice but to re-decorate something I believe is functional and good looking already. bassnet make over 1

This is a 5-in-1 Bassinet. It has a rocker, multiple levels of height, obviously a basket, music player, a night light, and when you lift the basket the remaining part is a changing table. There is also a spacious fabric bag below for some diapers, baby cosmetics and clothes. bassinet make over 10

I started with the external frill. I made it a bit longer to cover both the original frills of the bassinet and I used elastic band for easy on and off use.

Then I sewed two new fitted bed sheets. It was totally simple so don’t spend money for original bed sheets! They are far too expensive for very little work required to make one.

bassinet make over 7

I cut an oval shape, like the matress of the bassinet with an additional 10-15 cm in size. I tucked in the edges all over and then I used the technique known as shirring. Just sew a curvy part along the edge on the both sides and use elastic stitching to pull it together.

bassinet make over 2bassinet make over 3bassinet make over 4

It fits perfectly fine! bassinet make over 8

The next step is a flat pillow and a small blanket. I used a quilting technique to finish them off. You will not get those in the store. Bassinets don’t come with this kind of accessories specialists are not recommending pillows or blankets for small babies, however, the pillow if is flat and the blanket only half size, so it will not have any impact on the development of your baby. bassinet make over 9

Now we should take care of the hood. This was the most difficult part as there was no access to remove the old one. I had to sew fabric on it. It took some time as you can’t use a machine for it and then it will take some time to remove it later when you want to maybe adapt the bassinet againbut I didn’t see any simpler way to deal with it.

bassinet make over 11bassinet make over 12

Now some stuffed toys to hang on and voila! The bassinet make-over is completed!

bassinet make over 13bassinet make over 14bassinet make over 15

And the basics of the Nursery are almost ready.

bassinet make over 16