Story telling – About Baby Lion

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I have lovely kids story to share with you today. Lego building blocks came very useful! Have fun reading!

One beautiful morning deep in the rain forest close to a lonely rock and a cold stream Baby Lion was born. His mommy and daddy called him Mack. Everybody loved Mack! baby lion lego story 1Days were spent lazy, playing games and having fun but finally Lion King said:

-Son, it is time for you to start school. You have to learn how to be the  future king.

So Mack started lessons. First the easy ones like holding the head up, how to be polite at the table, then some hunting techniques, how to be very quiet in the bush and how to be fast like the wind.

All was going well until the day when Mack was supposed to learn how to roar like a king lion. This was truly difficult and was coming out more like “worry” than like “roarrrrrrr”. Mack and his dad were very upset.

One day, when the whole jungle was asleep Mack woke up because of a strange sound. He raised his head and looked around carefully. He didn’t see anything, but he was sure of this strange sound coming from different directions. Mack ran to the closest hill and climbed up on it. He couldn’t believe his eyes! baby lion lego story 3There was a big fire far on the horizon coming closer and closer to his kingdom. All the animals and their houses were in danger! There was no time to lose! Mack took a deep breath and from the top of his lungs a very loud ROARRRR came out! baby lion lego story 4It was so loud that everybody woke up and all the animals, big and small, managed to escape safely.

baby lion lego story 2Our little Mack grew up to be a brave king with quite a good roar when needed, and with excellent hearing, which turned out to be his greatest talent. I guess we never know what we can do best, until we will have an opportunity to try it.