Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

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I have made a Jewellery Organizer some time ago and my daughter kept asking me for her own jewelry hanger. I came up with this nice tutorial to show you how to make picture frame jewelry holder which is super easy and quick to assemble.

It will make you and your daughter happy as there will be no more jewelry on the loose all over the house.  We have to start with a few supplies. I got all of those pieces in dollar store.jewelery hanger 1We need a wooden frame (make sure it has wide frame so there is enough space for hangers), some paints (I have used acrylics), a paint brush, your favorite photo, and stick on hooks. First you need to paint the frame. I have let me daughter to do all this job and she has truly enjoyed it. We are making a kids jewelry holder after all , so let your kids to be involved and have some fun.jewelery hanger 2While the kids are painting you can have your tea or coffee break in piece 🙂 It is going to be about 20 minutes depends on the size of the frame.jewelery hanger 3Add any decorations or patters to make it more interesting. We have painted bunch of white polka dots but you can really paint whatever you want. jewelery hanger 4Then we have planned how to place all the hooks to make most sense out of the available space.jewelery hanger 5The frame is all dry now, so we can put the picture in and get on sticking those hangers.
jewelery hanger 6We are almost there. Now we have to add some sort of hanger on the back of the frame so we can hang it on the wall.jewelery hanger 7I have used a matching ribbon and wood stapler. Some frames comes with hangers so you can skip this step.jewelery hanger 8It is so an easy jewelry holder. It took total of 1 hour of fun for my daughter and she feels truly proud of it. Give it a try! You can obviously design your own picture frame jewelry holder and organize all of rings and bracelets. I have noticed that since I had mine jewelry displayed I have started using it more.jewelery hanger 9