Kids Art – Spring Project

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What is a better way to keep kids busy like giving them an art project to work on? To complete this Kids Art project please prepare following materials: canvas, acrylic paints (light blue and dark blue, turquoise, orange, yellow, white, black), brush and sponge.

kids art 1

First you need to pour paint over the canvas to make the background. Try to cover all the white spots.the canvas should be standing up right and please make sure there is an old paper underneath to collect all extra paint dripping down. Once paint has rained through the canvas you can put it flat and allow at least an hour to dry.

kids art 2

Now our little artist is going to dab some clouds using a sponge with white paint ….

kids art 3

and then add some blue under white…

kids art 4

Next step is the umbrella. I suggest using any bright colors to make it pop out! Shape may be a bit difficult (dependence on the age of young artist). You could use a big oval plate and then glass to trace edges (it works).

kids art 5

It is very rainy spring painting in deed 🙂 I hope you had fun!

kids art 10

A proud artist took the painting to school this morning and she hopes to hang it in her class. How sweet!

kids art 8

I will do my best to work on more kids art activities and share them with you. My daughter is so enthusiastic and eager to work on any crafts and I have decided to change category name from “Arts and  Crafts” to “Parya’s Corner”.