Water Lily Oil Painting on Canvas

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I have presented a draft of 3 future paintings a few weeks ago and now I’m pleased to present my Water Lily Oil Painting on a Canvas. I have a few photos to show you progress of painting which may look a bit like an oil painting lesson. I hope you are going to enjoy it.

Just to remind you, this is how a pencil drawing on canvas looks like. I usually try to take time and draw it as detailed as possible as it always helps with applying colors correctly and finding all of those high lights and low lights in the right spots.water lilyFirst I have painted all the dark areas of the painting and added some greys wherever needed. I know it’s a bit boring but it definitely helps to achieve final effects and contrasts.IMG_5816With a second layer I have applied dark colors of the water and added some green with highlights here and there. I have also applied white and light grey on the lily with pink at the bottom of it. This is going to help me to cover unnecessary pencil lines. IMG_5862I have worked even more on the background. I wanted to make sure it reminds water with its movement. Now the lily pads got green. I had to make sure shapes are intact and all waves on the leafs.IMG_6110Check this out! This is the finished painting with another layer of white on the lily and it’s reflection plus all detailed highlights. The lily reflection is in movement of the water too. It looks really realistic. How about leafs? When you try to learn how to do oil painting on a canvas you have to remember that paints are transparent and dry quite slowly so you can use under layer to blend and pull out color through white over it. Important is to study shape and position of each shed and if you make a mistake and something doesn’t seem to be right you can correct it quite easily. IMG_6114Oil paintings lesson may be expensive, so why don’t you just give a try by yourself and experiment with paints? It is all about paying attention to the details and distances between elements. If colors are a bit off from the original this is not an issue, I would say it is how you see it. Water Lily is one of my favorite flowers to paint, try to find your own favorite flower and get on painting.