Fabric Chair Refreshment

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I’m quire sure you have some old chairs at home which will require some cleaning or fixing before they can be used again.

In fact I have 4 of them, so I have prepared simple step-by-step guide to show you how to deal with similar type of chairs like mine.

chair refreshment 1

First I started with removal of the part that’s covered with fabric as this is the one I want to work on. The fabric got quite dirty over the years and I also have this new vision of my living space to bring some colors in, so lets get started!

chair refreshment 2

chair refreshment 4

Please prepare some tolls – a hammer and suitable pins, stapler, a screwdriver (depend on your chair), a fabric samples and sewing materials, as we will need them.

chair refreshment 3

First I ripped off the fabric from under the chair as I didn’t intend to keep it but if you want keep yours you should remove each pin carefully.

chair refreshment 6 chair refreshment 7

Then I took measurements for the fabric which has to be cut to cover chair easily. I will need 4 pieces 61 x 61 cm.

chair refreshment 8

Then I cut suitable shape of the fabric which is going under the chair and folded it all over and sewed thru with my machine. If you don’t have machine this is not a problem as you can fold it while you are fixing it on the chair (you will need more time and pins in this situation).

chair refreshment 9 chair refreshment 10

Now I used needle-pins to put the fabric in place and made sure I follow same patter on folds on each corner of the chair.

chair refreshment 11

After that I could stapled thru the fabric with stapler starting from the straight sides and then finishing with the corners.

chair refreshment 13 chair refreshment 14

The white fabric got fixed with a hammer and for a more decorative finish but you can use stapler as before.

chair refreshment 15 chair refreshment 16

The last step was to screw the top of the chair back on the frame and repeat procedure another 3 times to have full set of 4 chairs beautifully finished and matching.

chair refreshment 17

This post of course gives just general guidelines as there is only a small chance your chairs will be exactly like mine. Take your time for measurements and preparations. The first chair refreshment took me over an hour but remaining 3 were much faster, about 20 minutes each.

chair refreshment 18

Good luck with your home projects!