Beaded Bracelets Designs

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beaded bracelete 1We are always in the search for a good gifts ideas. When I think about what to buy for my mother or cousin I always think what I would like to get myself. These days I’m more and more involved in jewellery making and looking for inspiration here and there. I have notice how complicated it can get and if you are just a beginner in beaded jewellery you may feel intimidated and don’t even try to create something by yourself. You shouldn’t bee as even most simple project may turn in to a stunning set which your family will love to wear. You have to remember that anything hand made is in price right now. I have two part tutorial on simple wire bracelet and matching earrings for you.

I looked at many bracelets at stores and on line. They are basically a pattern of selected beads. Our preferences as a buyers are endless so do types of combinations for beaded jewellery. My beaded bracelet designs brakes one of the rules. There is no straight pattern. I have selected my favourite beads and wired them in a random order. Just because colour is same or similar it makes it to look attractive and most important is sparkle which will bring anybody’s attention.

I made a crystal white and crystal red with white before and now I will show you crystal black with touch of white step by step procedure for quick and elegant bracelet.beaded bracelete 4beaded bracelete 5First we need to start with connection of wire and locker. There are few types of wires and I was going to study about it before selecting one but finally I have realised that it doesn’t really matter. Until wire is from stainless steel or silver it will do the job for light type of bracelets like mine.

I have cut piece of wire about 7 cm longer than desired length of bracelet. You can take a measurement form your other bracelet which you have or simply wrap wire around your hand making sure it is loose enough to accommodate beads, wrist and allow you to lock it with other hand quite easily. My bracelets are 20 cm long so I had to cut about 27 cm long wire.beaded bracelete 6When you start putting on beads they should easily go over double wire as shown above.beaded bracelete 7After few beads spare wire will disappear under it. As you can see little loop over the locker ring is nit and in my opinion looks really good.

I have picture of shop bracelet just to show you how it should be secured in professional way.beaded braceleteYou can see it in the circle. Wire is white and there is a little piece of metal locked on it to prevent from moving or slipping out from the beads string. It is probably a good idea but I did make few bracelets without it and wear them for a while and didn’t have any single problem with wire going loose.beaded bracelete 13When you pulled all beads on and you are happy with their position and overall look of bracelet you need to close it on the other end.beaded bracelete 8Simply feed wire through the ring and then twist it around itself just below the ring.beaded bracelete 9Extra wire should be pushed back in to the beads. It is a bit of workout especially when you like to push through as many beads as possible but about 3 or 4 shouldn’t be a problem for anybody.beaded bracelete 10As you can see end of it can be pulled out in between the beads and the cut off carefully and hidden underneath.beaded bracelete 2Can you see it? In my opinion it looks even better than a professional bracelet example.beaded bracelete 3It was very easy and very quick, now I can make as many bracelets as I want and I’m sure there will be still some left for sale. I really love working with beads. It gave’s so many possibilities, each item can be unique and specially designed for an occasion or your outfit. If you were thinking to try beaded jewellery making for some time I hope this post is going to encourage you to go ahead and start your own beaded jewellery collection or simply use it for your gifts ideas, I’m sure your family and friends will appreciate it.