Winter Beaded Bracelet Set

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If you are not new to my blog you have probably realized by now that blue is my favorite color. Winter season is perfect an opportunity to bring beautiful shades of blue and white together and have some fun with it. I have made this Winter Beaded Bracelet Set to fulfill my promise about Frozen design and I think it is great for moms and for daughters. You can obviously go with any color combination, so I did one black and silver set as well with a bit different style of earrings. Ok, but first things first! Let’s get on beading!  Prepare beads size 4 mm or a bit bigger and two colors of glass seed beads. Get first string pulled on and make sure to secure each end with metal bead and players. Add second string which should have extra length. We will need it to wrap up the bigger size of beads. Now you need to add a different color of seed beads on each string. I have used count of 10 but you may need more if your main string of beads is bigger in the size.Cross both wires in one bead and add more seed beads to cross them again on the back of the main string.Repeat same back and forth until all main string of beads was wrapped.  Then you need to close wire on the lock with the metal bead. If you like this design you may also like to make matching earrings which are really 5 minutes job.I have used the same type of metal wire to add seed beads. It wraps those bigger two beads like number 8 shape would. If you can’t see it well I can make a separate tutorial on the earrings only. Just send me a short message and I get it done in the flash.Both items look really cute together and both Winter Beaded  Bracelet Sets are on sale now. If you are interested let me know just please don’t tell Frozen as she may get upset for stealing her style. Happy beading!

Star Bracelet Jewelry

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What is the best start in the New Year? I’m sure most of the ladies agree that jewelry could be an answer. I have designed this beautiful Star Bracelet Jewelry in the set with earrings which could bring a smile on many faces.

You can really go with any center which will have attachments on both sides. I have picked this beautiful star which some may argue looks more like a snowflake. How appropriate for this time of the year! Now I regret I didn’t make it in light blue, then it would totally look like the bracelet which could belong to Frozen 🙂 I will correct myself for next idea and it will be all in blue.First, you need to cut a longer piece of wire which have you will feed through the eye on one side of the star. Then you can start feeding seed beads in the color of your choice. I have decided to go with 10 seed beads each string for the medium size. Then I have added the ring on one of the strings and pulled on the pearl bead. Now you will have to put the wire through the ring again so pearl will look like a center of it.Perfect! Now you have to add seed beads, 10 on each wire and add another pearl, this time without the ring (or you can add ring too if you prefer it this way). Add another 10 seed beads on each wire and repeat ring and pearl in the center combination.Super! Now you can complete this side of your star bracelet with the lock and move to the other side. Repeat all the steps again and add other parts of the lock on the second end. Remember to add a small metal bead to lock it on the ends of the wire. This way nothing will sleep out and you have a professional finish on it.

Now you need to make simple pearl earrings to match the bracelet and the set is ready to wear for your next special celebration.
This Star Bracelet Jewelry looks very fashionable and it didn’t take more than 20 minutes to complete it. If you make one with light blue beads maybe Frozen will like to wear it too. Good luck with your designs!