French Hook Earrings

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One of the most popular earrings on the market are French Hook Earrings. I love how simple they are and how feminine. This is why I have selected this type of earrings for my bracelet + earrings project. This is second part of tutorial on this how to make your own beaded jewellery and this time we will make second part of our set: earrings.beaded earings 5

Wouldn’t you wear it? I know it is a bit longer than your usual earrings but trust me it will not catch fabric of clothes on your shoulders or tangle in to your hair. It looks gorgeous, makes your neck looks longer and sparkle is truly hypnotizing.

We need to start with our item list. I tried to take best picture possible to show you what I used to make red earrings just this time I’m using black beads to match the bracelet which I made before.beaded earings 1First I have made middle part of earrings.beaded earings 2Two crystals on one eye-pin. You have to make sure crystals are small enough to fit on the pin and there is still some space left for second eye on the other end.beaded earings 3We obviously need two of them. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t make nicely shaped loop first time, it took me a while before I have managed to twist mine the way I liked it.beaded earings 3aNow we need to create lower bead with its decoration. You can add single silver “cup” over it or make it with two like I did but some people may feel this is too much…, it is up to you really… If you noticed there is a small silver bead on the bottom of the pin. I had to add it to keep black bead in place as pin’s head wasn’t wide enough and it was passing throughout the bead. Make a pretty loop on the end again and now we just need to connect each element.beaded earings 3cI have used 4 mm diameter jump rings in between.beaded earings 4It made two fantastic earrings. Now I have 3 sets ready and believe me or not but it takes about 10-15 minutes to make one. I had to spend more time on the pictures as photographing small shiny elements is very difficult.Crystal bracelet and earrings French hook earrings 1 French hook earringsWhich one is your favourite? Black and red are already sold. I think it proves how good idea and hot commodity it is… if you like I can make any colour specially for you or your loved one. I’m sure you agree French Hook Earrings are fashionable and elegant.