Flower Pots Decoration

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pots upcicle 1

Every fall I’m moving my favorite pots with flowers from the front yard to the inside of the house. Winters are very cold here and plants would not survive it so I like to take care of them inside my home.

As the time has come and we are getting chilly nights already I have decided that I should make preparations for those flowers.

pots upcicle 2

I would usually just keep them on their little stand but this year is going to be more fun!

pots upcicle 3
pots upcicle 4 pots upcicle 5

I filled up top surface of black soil with white lime stones and blue glass gems.

Then I have painted each pot with white paint. You can use any regular wall paint for it.

pots upcicle 8

Then, using acrylic paints with colors matching to the new dining table set I painted and stamped shapes all over.

pots upcicle 6 pots upcicle 7 pots upcicle 9

Once all was dry I  sprayed them with non-yellowing varnish. This should prevent all pattern from damage or scratches. You can get it in any arts and craft store.

pots upcicle 12

Voila! A lovely decorated flower pots arrangement at home and all well below a 20$ budget.