Nursery – Part 3: Window Curtain

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The curtains for the window are obviously a very important part of the decoration in our new nursery.

window curtain 1I have three small windows so I will have to sew three pieces and you will adapt sizes and fabric type to your own needs.
I’m keeping mine in light purple as the main colour.

window curtain 2window curtain 3When using similar decorative tapes like mine make sure to sew them on from end to end and then fold the edges. It will look professional and hide all the ugly threads.
Then I added pieces of fabric along the top edge and I will use them to hold the curtain rim.

window curtain 4It was time consuming to make all of them so if you wish you can take some shortcuts and use ribbons 🙂

window curtain 6window curtain 7 Good luck with your own nursery designs!