Fall dress up season

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Looking for an idea to make costume for your kid? We all do! And I have to admit I was very fortunate this year as the “idea” found me.

Last week my daughter’s gymnastic school did “jungle sports week”. They have asked if the kids could dress up as some jungle animals or have at least some accessories like scarf or head band.

My daughter selected her choice almost immediately “BABY JAGUAR”. Since I had only 1 week to complete everything I had to keep the project as simple as possible.


Baby Jaguar from Dora and DiegoSo I did a small drawing for my daughter. Then she did her own and we kind of negotiated what parts of them were good and which we should skip.

Project by momproject by daughter









Luckily animal prints are easy to get in any fabric store, especially in October! I got mine and started preparations same evening.







To cut sleeveless t-shirt and shorts I used other cloths of my daughter, then squares of materials for shin covers. This was the easy part but now the difficult part started: the headband which should imitate the ears of baby jaguar. I cut all what I thought will be needed.

head band pieces







First, sew on the fabric to cover a metal headband (you can really use any, I re-used an old one which was damaged anyway, fabric stores can offer a wide range and sometimes you may find it already covered with the right type of fabric). I did this part by hand. You can try to use a machine and the zipper foot should be helpful. For the ears I connected the fabric with felt which was a smaller size than the fabric piece. Then I turned to the right side and the shape was already not too bad. To keep it firm I put in a piece of wire (I took it from an old paper bag which I found in my basement). It made the ears more stable and still flexible. Then I simply sewed it onto the band from the back and front to make sure it will not come off while my daughter is running, jumping and crawling in the gym.

head band3


I will not show more details of the shirt and pants. If you would like me to send you them, please e-mails.

full set1

To spicy up the whole outfit I decided to make a removable tail. It is filled with stuffing (you can get it in fabric stores or buy cheap a pillow in any supermarket store and just the filling inside – it comes much cheaper) and I added a button at the end of it. Loop it on the pants so once removed for exercise it will not be a bother on the back of the pants.

pants2All was lovely and my daughter had fabulous fun. We will use the same outfit at the dress up parade at school at the end of October (we will have to add black leggings and a t-shirt as it is going to be cold by then). Let me know about your projects! Enjoy your weekend!