Window Ledge Cushion

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A long, long time ago, or maybe not so long ago, there was a little girl who was very sad as her beautiful window ledge was cold to sit on and very empty.window 8

window 12Don’t cry little girl, we will make a super comfy window ledge cushion for you.

Recycle, recycle! This is my favorite thing to do. We used sponge cushions from this love seat.window 11

After removing the covers, cutting the sponge to the right size and washing it we glued all the pieces together with glue spray.

window1Then we used an old bed sheet to sew the first cover for the sponge. This will secure it from wearing it off on the thicker upholstery fabric. Velcro was an excellent idea to close the flat long pocket opening.

window 2

Now the main cover on the top with a long zipper on the side. Perfect!window 3

A pillow on each side and matching curtains in each window.

window 6What a lovely, warm and cozy room we have created!

window 13window 4What a happy little girl!window 7

Now she can relax with her friend on the queen style window ledge cushion.