Neilson Park Art Fair 2014

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The day finally came.
Neilson Park Art Fest 2014
Neilson Park Art Fair 2014  started at 10 am and we could feel a high interest starting from the beginning.
Since I had never done this before I really didn’t know what to expect. It turned out that the average age of visitors was about 50, and many of them were artists themselves. They mostly hunted for ideas or cheap pieces which they could use for gifts. I did get  very good feedback which was exactly what I was looking for. The majority of visitors liked the colours and style of my art. I did get suggestions to have more clothess in a variety of sizes and have them better displayed. I have also decided that for this kind of fair I should prepare small formats of art on canvas, and prints and maybe postcards? This would make my brand to better distributed among people, however, I did get some e-mail addresses and handed out some business cards.
I found all the event very successful and I have better ideas about different ways of presenting and making additional lines of items to bring more people to the booth.
I have also decided to put all my paintings, as they are still packed and secured, to the basement because – you’ll never guess – the empty nails on my walls will definitely motivate me to spend more time on painting!
The next Art Fair will be in November but before that we will participate in the Muslim Fest 2014 which is going to happen at the beginning of August.
Talk to you again next week!

Holidays in Cuba

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Dear reader!

Our holidays in Cuba last week were fantastic. Beautiful weather, spacious swimming pools and tasty food.

holidays in cuba

Cubans are very warm and nice people with “colorful” souls and full of friendliness.

holidays in cuba

We loved the contact with nature and culture.

holidays in Cuba

My favourite purchase was a painting pad with paper made of banana tree leaves mixed with regular paper for white colour. The paper is much thicker and can easily be used for acrylic or oil paints, instead of canvas. Most of the local art is painted on this type of paper and the effect is really good – I would say unique. holidays in cuba

Most of the items which are sold in the small gift stalls are handmade. The locals specialize in wood and leather products. Everything is very cheap from our perspective and I do regret we didn’t buy more for our friends and family. holidays in Cuba

holidays in cuba

The best experience of all was swimming with dolphins! Amazing! Such sensitive and soft animals. We had a lot of fun! holidays in cubaholidays in cuba

Holidays in Cuba was a great idea. We will go back there one day.

Fine art method for beginners

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Are you wondering how we can make some fine art piece which you can proudly hang in your house even when you are not an artist? I’m going to show you the method for every time successful painting a story!

Get your suppliers ready and we will have some fun this weekend!fine art 2This is the patter I’m going to use.

fine art 3and this is place where I’m going to hang it 🙂fine art 4so it can look beautiful with this! 🙂

I have finally managed to find some quality time to finish the first of two paintings for my bathroom wall but let’s start from the beginning.

The first step was to prepare some materials. We need tracing paper, pencil, canvas, oil paints and brushes, a damp cloth, thinner, and the most important – the design which you would like to paint.

fine art 1

The first step is very easy. We need to place a single sheet of tracing paper on the design – you can clip them together to prevent moving. If you are working on the bigger canvas you would have to stick individual sheets in to make a bigger one or look for a suitable size in the arts and crafts stores.

fine art 9Trace the object.

I painted the background of my canvas a week earlier to have them nice and dry. Depending on the house temperature and thickness of the paint one week may not be enough, so if you are not in a hurry please allow a few more days. If the paint of background is still wet and then you put another layer on top, the painting may start to crack due to the uneven drying speed.

Once all was ready I painted over the tracing papers using a dark color in the dark spots and a light color in the light ones. You can always lift the trace paper to see how the colors are changing close to the borders of the design. Try to keep dark and light spots as similar as possible to your design.

fine art 8

Then we need to place the tracing paper with the paint on it face down on the canvas. Be careful, do it straight. It didn’t matter so much for my project but if you pick a different theme it may become very important.

fine art 7I used damp cloth to press gently over the whole area on the tracing paper to leave good marks on the canvas. The tracing paper will not be wet on the underside so you don’t have to be worried about a mess.

fine art 6

Then we need to slowly lift or rather pull off the tracing paper from the canvas and our painting is almost ready!

fine art 5

Keep your design close with you while working on the canvas. Keep checking how the colors are changing and what shapes they take, where are shadows needed? I didn’t do many changes after making the print. I increased the amount of paint in each area and blended a bit between light and dark colors so they look more natural.

fine art 10

I think this is the easiest technique known and will bring you successful results every time. Now allow the painting to dry for another week or so. You can hang it already if you want 🙂 Since I painted round all the edges very carefully I will not need a frame for it.

If you would like to use acrylic paints you would have to hurry as they dry very fast ( completely dry in 30 minutes). That is why I  recommend oils, you can take your time and work on everything as detailed as you want.

fine art 4Now by bathroom is almost done!

Happy painting!