Kulaw – Sweet of Kurdistan

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I’m not a big fan of cooking or baking recipes but I really have to share this one with you! This sweet is mainly made of sugar and locals in Kurdistan use it instead of sugar in their tea.boild sugar

First you need to melt 3 tablespoons of sugar on the pan (no added oil or anything else!). Then you need to add half a glass of water and one glass of sugar. Melt it and boil for about 15 minutes stirring all the time to avoid burning.

Then you can add crushed walnuts, sesame seeds, coconut shreds or any other favourite condiment, maybe some spices would work too.

Boil it all for another 3 minutes and then pour it on the flat dish and leave it to cool down. Then you can try to cut it in desired shapes or simply break it down.

boild sugar 1Enjoy it!