Oil Painting – Landscape

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Hi Everybody!

I didn’t have a chance to show you my latest landscape oil painting. I have used my friend’s photo from New Zealand and I have titled this painting “Peaceful beach – New Zealand“.

Peaceful Beach - New Zealand

I have already presented it on Muslim Fest 2014 and a great idea came to my head! How about I will give myself 5 days challenge! 5 paintings in 5 days! I would have to use acrylic instead of oil paints for fast dry.

I’m very exited already. I have decided to make 5 landscapes as I don’t have many of those and all 5 will go in to my on-line shop.

Yes, you did read correctly. I’m going to activate my on-line shop and slowly grow number of items for sale.

New Zealand landscape and Sunflower which I painted recently are going on sale first.