Table Make-Over

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Now that we have completed chair refreshment project we obviously have to transform whole table too.

This is what I had before:

table make-over 1

and this is what we have after a little bit of work.

table make-over 8

I was very lucky with this beautiful color of place mats but I couldn’t get matching napkin holders so I have decided to make them myself.

I have prepared 4 pieces of fabric 25 cm x 10 cm and decorative tape which is 3.5 cm wide.

table make-over 3

I sewed fabric thru on the left side keeping a 3.5 cm width. Then I turned it on the right side and folded each end in together with decorative type. Now we can sew it all around with machine (or by hand) and connect ends to create a loop.

table make-over 4 table make-over 5 table make-over 6

I connected the ends by hand to hide stitches and make sure they meet perfectly at the top and the bottom.

table make-over 7

table make-over 2I just love heaving dinner at my new table now!

Table Make-Over, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings