My Story

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Sometimes I can’t believe it has been 2 years since I figured out how to organize my projects and see progress in what I do. It was not easy, that’s for sure! Like many of you I also had to deal with so many life responsibilities and so many unfulfilled plans and dreams and ideas. I had a lot on my plate and I was getting more and more frustrated with not getting where I wanted to get, and even this was not completely defined for me.

While my “upsetness” was growing along with a pile of started-but-never-finished projects I started looking on the internet for people with similar problems. I was shocked when I saw how many of “ME” are out there! I could see patterns between scenarios and characteristics of personalities, not to mention multi-talented brains. There seems to be a simple way to help everyone at once but I guess each person has to find their own way to this promised land of fruitful creative work.

It is terribly difficult for an artist (in any discipline) to stay motivated and on top of their work and look ahead right in the eyes of inspiration. Many are getting lost when there is so much of vital juice of ideas floating through their minds while the piece of paper in front of them is still empty. Years might pass and the creative person is getting more and more frustrated on how little has been accomplished with each passing year, and how many things are still unfinished.

I do hope you are sensing the depressing atmosphere around this subject and you probably understand these feelings and emotions all too well. For me it was at least 20 years of growing frustration, not to mention I was also blaming my environment for distractions. However I realized at some point that I was distracting myself as I didn’t have any defined frame to work with. One of my big dreams was to have my own website and collect there whatever I have painted in the past 20 years, hoping I could see more than I expected and that maybe I would be able to work with it somehow to build a portfolio and make my artistic work more accessible and differentiated.

This idea was born about 7 years ago, which means I wasted another 5 years before I pulled myself together and decided to make this website myself. People say that we have to hit bottom rock before we can sim up again, well I agree to disagree. I don’t think I have ever hit rock bottom. I was kind of falling, that is for sure.

All changed when I asked my good friend to help me creating the page. He agreed, told me to get a website name, buy a domain and get hosting. I had no idea what he was talking about. It took me all evening to educate myself on the vocabulary and the meaning of it. When I completed credit card payments and received several e-mails with confirmation I was confident that my friend was truly helping me out and and I was relieved because the technical language of the internet world was scary to me and I really didn’t want to learn it. I thought I was set and ready to have my website done until a few days later my friend said I should try to start without him as he got a new project assigned and would not be available for at least a month. A MONTH?! I started panicking…. I didn’t have any other deadline than my own but still it was a great disappointment to delay everything again.

So I decided to see if maybe I can push it a bit and set up maybe some easier functions. It was a nightmare to learn all the vocabulary. Of course the internet is full of instructions; you just need to know how to find them. Since I had no idea about setting up a website it took me lots of time to read and search for explanations and look at YouTube videos before something simple showed up on the page. After a couple of weeks of high blood pressure and lots of headaches I started to believe that I could actually set it up myself. Yes, believe me or not, but as a person without much of computer experience I have created my own fully-functioning website with all of my art and crafts on it. I’m so proud of it and actually I can’t thank my friend enough who finally couldn’t help me in the process at all.

This experience was a turning point for me. Now all my art was getting a structure, folders, pictures, notes and articles. Each idea could be recorded and saved for later. Some projects started and put away in the past were so easy to refresh and complete weeks later. Nothing was getting lost anymore and I finally achieved this satisfactory level of confidence that actually I am getting things done and I can share them with the world. Each moment of work at home on a painting or a new sewing design, or simply putting pictures from a fantastic trip together, gives me the feeling of accomplishment. This moment is so rewarding to me that I immediately search for new ideas or inspirations. I can really do whatever I want and write in my posts what’s in my heart because this is my website and I don’t have to put any limitations on my creativity. My “frame”, which is my website, is exactly what I need. I’m sharing my experience with you because I care for all this art which is unseen in our closets and uncreated on our canvasses. If you are where I was for so many years please e-mail me and maybe a similar website will be the answer for you too. Good luck friends and always write down your ideas, you will be amazed how many of them you will have in one day.

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