Story telling – Milky Way

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Once upon a time there was a little girl called Ania. She was about 4 and she had a beautiful smile on her face all day long.

It is not very easy for such a young child to be happy all the time but there was a secret which Ania loved to share with everyone. Every evening Ania’s mom was giving her a nice, warm cup of milk with a little bit of honey. It was so delicious that Ania couldn’t wait to have it every evening before her bed time. This MILK seemed to be a magical key as every night after this sweet treat Ania had fantastic dreams! As soon as she closed her eyes colors started to appear. First there was a rainbow instead of a sky, funny fruit trees and lots and lots of flowers. This town was full of furry creatures, mostly looking like Ania’s toys, but they were all alive and playing their favourite games in the playground. Laughter and joy was everywhere! All her friends loved Ania a lot and she loved them back. One day a terrible thing happened. Oh no! The milk was finished and it was too late in the evening to go to the store and get fresh one. That night Ania had to go to sleep without her favourite cup of warm milk. Mom and daughter were very sad but there was no other way, like going to sleep with a cup of tea for example. Next day Ania got up with a frown on her face. “What happened?” asked Mom, “I didn’t have any dreams”, said Ania with a lot of disappointment in her voice, “I was so hoping for a funny, playful dream and there was nothing, nothing at all. None of my friends came round. Mommy, mommy, please buy milk today!” The day in the nursery was long and boring. There was nothing funny or enjoyable for little Ania. When her mom came to pick her up a big smile came back on Ania’s face because a big box of yummy milk was in the plastic bag next to mom’s legs. A few hours later Ania was sitting on her bed, all dressed up in her PJs with her usual cup of milk in hand. She was ready to jump into her Milky Way town to play with her friends again. You never know when this city will open its door for you, so make sure to have a cup of warm milk every night and then wait for the magic to happen.

Story telling - Milky Way, 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings