Oil Paintings

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What would you do on long fall weekends?

Some people like to sit in front of the TV, some would like to put some puzzle together or read a book which is not to bad idea but I highly recommend to put your hands in to work on something special which you could be proud of and hand it in your living room or at least kitchen 🙂

Fall colors are bringing so much of inspiration and ideas. My imagination goes wild with all those yellows, reds and brown sheds. I didn’t prepare any step by step presentation yet but I would like to show few of my pieces which you may like to copy (for your private needs only) and I will be back with some theory on composition and step by step tutorials for something simple and yet bringing up viewers attention 🙂

Afrodite - fall lady

One of my favorites oil paintings. I have called her Aphrodite but this may not be very fortunate choice. Never than less idea came kind of in a dream, next day after that I’ve went for  a walk and took a pictures of nature, picked some life and roses which were on their “last legs” anyway. Then I draw it all on the canvas filling up gaps with different kind of shapes imitating all of the fall life I have managed to collect. then I have studied colors and lines. It took me a year to finish off but I have to admit I’m not very fast with my painting and sometimes it takes a while to just took at it and find those small details or shapes of shadows which should be added or painted more deeply. This may be beginning of your imagination about fall colors and shapes 🙂

Fall flowers

This one was inspired an old postcard which I don’t have with me anymore but I remember it from my childhood. Composition is simple, maybe to simple but there is something hidden in the painting which makes it very funny to me and reminds how we, as a kids, use to dream about little ferries from the forest. If you look carefully there is one sitting on the edge of the vase.

Just for kitchen

Hehehe and this is an old one! Painted about 10 years ago. I had this annoying empty piece of wall in my kitchen. I really had to do something with it. Painting took not more than 40 minutes. Spuriously many of my friends really like it and were trying to nick it 🙂 I guess it could fit on many small empty walls. I have decided to put it on this post to show how something so simple and not really demanding in time and supplies and special preparations can make an impression on viewers and give you pleasure while creating.

Happy, big and small, idea hunting in fall colors!

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