How I Prepare for the Art Show

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The past few weeks were so busy I even didn’t have a chance to start working on the paintings which are going to the next Muslim Fest Art Shows in August. There is so little of time left and so much to do not mentioning I’m running into the same time problem each year. I love to paint with oil paints and I should start preparations much earlier to have enough time for drying of individual layers. I will probably have to switch some of the paintings to acrylics which are so much easier to complete in shorter time frame.

Never than less, I will have 2 special “paintings” and I can’t wait to show you the final idea. I came up with it just yesterday before I feel asleep. You probably know that the best ideas are somewhere between conscious and sub-conscious and the best way to unlock this potential is to daydream and imagine as much as possible.

For now, I’m going to show you the sketch of first 3 canvas which is going to be finished in oils or in acrylics as soon as possible. Deadline is mid-August so it is really 3 weeks to go and I don’t have a chance to sit in the piece and concentrate on the painting! All because of the new website and the big project I’m working on – this is going to be a surprise! I will share it with you sometime in September and I think you are going to be shocked! I will finish here so I will not spill some details by accident if you know what I mean.

Right, let’s get back to my sketches.

All of them are around floral composition, very neutral and optimistic accent. I’m planning to use mostly primary colors. This one is set on the fabric which makes so many interesting shades and shapes around flowers and the cup. I have placed one of my bracelets on the top of the cup to bring some more light in this area and bracelet will be my primary point of focus as it is sill stands out dramatically on the red cup. By the way, it is quite difficult to take a good photo of pencil drawing on the canvas (or paper), I took a lot of them before selecting those which I thought are the best and I still should apologise for quality, it is not good at all.IMG_5580Next two paintings are going to present flowers only. One of them shows lily on the lake. I love how flower reflects in the water. Lily will be white with a bit of pink and water will have very deep dark color. It will look amazing, I have a feeling this painting will be sold first, I even hesitate if I should put it on sale at all? I have some sort of weakness for lilies. They look so gentle and perfect I hope I will be able to capture it.IMG_5685Last painting shows a daisy with big close up. I got to take a very good photo on the other day and I thought that large painting of this daisy should make a good impression on the viewers. I would like to make sure that visitors of this Muslim Fest Art Show will remember me somehow not mentioning there are a couple of prices to win and one of them is awarded by the audience.

As you can see my little daughter Anna was trying to draw with me and I have lot’s of finger marks all over the canvas. Sweet baby girl, she is going to be an artist for sure! I have to wash walls regularly after she is done with her pencil drawings on them. I gave her acrylic paints once but instead of putting them on the paper she was playing with consistency and made a lot of mess around. I guess we will have to wait few more months before she will let me explain to her how to use them.IMG_5686Daisy is going to be yellow with a dark background, maybe navy blue will look good? I really have to start painting soon and I love that The One With Art will get to present art this year. I was told that we were missed last year so I will do my best to prepare perfect presentation this year and Muslim Fest visitors are going to enjoy it. If you are somewhere in the neighbourhood please come for a visit last weekend of August at Celebration Square in Mississauga.

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