Nursery- part 7: Travel Changing Mat

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Another essential of our Nursery, Travel Changing Mat!

changing mat 1We will need some fabric, an old piece of blanket to put it inside for softness, double folded finishing tape to sew all around, piece of elastic, bottom and plastic sheet. You could purchased it in the local fabric store but I have decided to use a shower curtain from “dollar” store. Much cheaper and result is the same.

changing mat 3Now you need to plan your design. Use your imagination or follow a similar pattern and use pieces of fabrics which we have used for our previous Nursery projects.

changing mat 4My changing mat will be round on one end and square on the other. I have added decorations on the top end which will be outside of pouch after folding it up.

Then I have sewn it on the piece of blanket with same shape. Next step is the plastic sheet. I have double folded the sheet on the edges for better hold. I had to sew it piece by piece, side by side as the plastic did sleep on the fabrics and it did no look good. But no worries! That is why we have double folded finishing tape to cover all those imperfections.

changing mat 7

I have also added two lines of stitching across in the places where mat suppose to break down for folding it.

changing mat 6

changing mat 5

After I have covered edges with finishing tape I have cut off all the extra pieces of plastic sheet which were still sticking out on the top. Then added bottom and elastic band to hook it up when needed.changing mat 25

That is it! Our brand new, unique travel changing mat is complete.

Nursery- part 7: Travel Changing Mat, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings