Holidays in Cuba

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Dear reader!

Our holidays in Cuba last week were fantastic. Beautiful weather, spacious swimming pools and tasty food.

holidays in cuba

Cubans are very warm and nice people with “colorful” souls and full of friendliness.

holidays in cuba

We loved the contact with nature and culture.

holidays in Cuba

My favourite purchase was a painting pad with paper made of banana tree leaves mixed with regular paper for white colour. The paper is much thicker and can easily be used for acrylic or oil paints, instead of canvas. Most of the local art is painted on this type of paper and the effect is really good – I would say unique. holidays in cuba

Most of the items which are sold in the small gift stalls are handmade. The locals specialize in wood and leather products. Everything is very cheap from our perspective and I do regret we didn’t buy more for our friends and family. holidays in Cuba

holidays in cuba

The best experience of all was swimming with dolphins! Amazing! Such sensitive and soft animals. We had a lot of fun! holidays in cubaholidays in cuba

Holidays in Cuba was a great idea. We will go back there one day.

Holidays in Cuba, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings