Happy New Year 2017

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I would like to take an early opportunity and wish everybody Happy New Year 2017 filled with wonderful arts and crafts and sewing projects. Make the longest list of New Year resolutions and then fulfill half of them but the way that results will exceed expectations. Become an expert in one subject, learn something new, try one of those things you have always dreamed of trying. Don’t set any boundaries for your dreams and use your passion to make them real, it is never too late. Find your strength and build on it an empire of fantastic achievements. Find your way and make sure this is how people will remember you.

I have picked my next year inspiration: Water! This life-giving liquid which can appear in so many different forms and can “dress” in so many colors and shades will be a stunning source of creative imagination and guidelines. Think about your own inspirations? What is it? Write down what you think of and then surround yourself with objects which are going to drive you towards it. It will be like your “fuel station” when you fill burned out.

Heaving a great year is in the power of our minds and our hands. Celebrate life with your friends and family! Be optimistic and carry on and if you “fall” make sure to give a chance to the others to lift you up.

Best wishes from Kate and The One With Art to all of the readers and supporters.

Happy New Year 2017, 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings