Front door decor DIY

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If you love crochet you will love to try out this front door decor DIY. First, you need to decide on your favorite color combination. Since spring is on the way you may think of some yellow and orange and red with green. That would give a very fresh and happy look on your front door. I love blue and all of its shades and variations. It doesn’t really matter if the yarn has the same thickness or not, you can make it work between colors and actually different types of yarn will make it look even more interesting. You will also need a floral ring, could be made of foam or stick like the one I have picked.Now you have to crochet as many beautiful flowers as you like. you can find plenty of instructions, patterns, and tutorials on youtube. It is best to make many different shapes and sizes and then work it out coloristically to create some balance of your composition.Once you think you got enough of them you can fix it to the ring. I have used some extra yarn to roll on the floral ring and create the background wherever there are gaps between the flowers. I just feel that it makes a neat look. Then I have added the flowers using those longer pieces of yarn I have left after crocheting the flowers.  Make sure the flowers are sturdy and attached well as they may be exposed to wind or other harsh weather conditions and you don’t want them to fall off. My front door decor DYI wouldn’t be complete without those shiny pearls here and there. You could add any colorful beads, whatever feels good and make sense for your own composition.

Front door decor DIY, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings