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TheOneWithArtWelcome to my little studio where I will teach newly developed courses for children.

You can select one of the programs or have even more fun and complete all of them at once. Please call for space availability and schedule.

Location: 36 Tulip Dr. Brampton          Tel: +1 647 323 3335

Each course will take 8 weekends, each class is designed for 2 hours of creative fun. A cost of the full 8-week course is 50$ + 25$ for supplies and materials per course. Each project is going back home for parents to see.

Each group will have up to 10 participants and there must be at least 5 participants for classes to run.

Courses are designed for children from 8 years old up and if some subjects are difficult for them to manage there will be an easier project assigned. Kids age 12 and older are expected to be able to complete all modules. Each course ends with a certificate of accomplishment.Courses


·       Hand sewing: types of stitches, how to add a button, make a button hole and make a button loop.
·       Basics about sewing machine – napkin project.
·       Straight sewing and French Stitch – pillow case project
·       Straight sewing and French Stitch – fabric tote project
·       Machine button whole – skirt for a doll project
·       Gathering and decorations – small apron project
·       Gathering and decoration – skirt project part.1
·       Gathering and decoration – skirt project part.2

Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm


·       Mixed media and finger painting– spring is coming
·       Colour paper and glue – underwater landscape
·       Water paint and colours theory – candy box
·       Water paint and proportions – landscape
·       Trace and copy favourite flower – acrylic paints on canvas
·       Sketch and perspective – “street view” part 1.
·       Sketch and perspective – “street view” part 2.
·       Still life and composition building – acrylic painting on canvas

Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm


·       Plastic beads and string neckless – pattern and design
·       Beads with ribbons bracelet – colour and fashion
·       Jewellery tools and accessories – basics – earrings project
·       Types of strings and beads – bracelet
·       Bead charms and types of connections – bracelet project
·       Shape and size mix up – key chain
·       Multi-layer designs and types of locks – bracelet project
·       Ring or pin or fancy hair clip – use your imagination project

Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm

Courses, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings