Fabric Tote Bag Tutorial

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Fabric Tote (14)A few weeks ago my daughter signed up for language course and she asked me to sew some nice fabric tote for her books and notes. I didn’t think much on designing it. It did some up quite nice, so I have decided to make this fabric tote tutorial to show how easy is to sew it.

Start from preparing two strips of fabric measuring 11 cm by 60 cm and one large strip 38 cm by 96 cm.

I have used tapestry which is much stronger and resistant to wear and tear and tapestry threat.

Fabric Tote (1)You can start with either bag or ears of it. We will use French stitch to cover fabric edge and prevent from pilling. First we sew on the left side leaving opening on the end in order to turn it on the right side. I have used this pretty flower mark to show where my opening is.Fabric Tote (2)Once you turn it then you sew it all around again and opening should be folded inside in order to close in the same way like all around. Fabric Tote (3)Now you can’t really see where my opening was in the first place.

Now we need to sew main part of tote. This time we will start on the right side of fabric. Cut off a bit of fabric in the corners, so it can fold nicer when we turn it on the left side.Fabric Tote (4)Then we need to turn it on the left side and sew it again on left and right. Make sure to keep distance from the edge so all extra fabric will hide inside of covering.Fabric Tote (5)Can you see how nice and straight it is?

Now we need to sew through the corners. it will create some volume at the bottom and fabric will not be under a lot of stress when you load some wide and heavy items like 2l bottle of water.

I have decided to make about 6.5 – 7 cm wide corners.Fabric Tote (6)To make sure both corners are aligned perfectly you can try to create a square and measure each side if they are identical, and then mark and sew through.Fabric Tote (7)Once this is done you can turn your main part of tote on the right side and see effect of it. Some sewies are cutting off remaining part of those two corners and then sewing with zig-zag to hem it but I prefer to leave it as it is. I feel base is stronger this way.

Next step is to fold top opening of tote. I have asked you to cut quite long piece at the beginning just because I think this top fold should be quite wide to create space for ears. Mine is 5 cm wide.Fabric Tote (8)Now we can add ears. You could do it on the inside or on the outside of your tote.Fabric Tote (9)I feel that on the inside makes more proportional impression and finish is neater.

I stitched it all around and across, to create nice square, and it will make sure strong attachment, and I do hope tote can carry at least 6 kg without any damage. Fabric Tote (10)I wouldn’t be myself if I have left off with my tutorial right here. I always love to add something special which makes item more unique. This time I have added handmade jewelry.Fabric Tote (12)Simply collect different types of beads which you think will match (or contrast) your tote. Then compose them in to an interesting elements which complete each other in the desired shape (I simply mean that when you put it together each side of decoration will have similar amount of beads attached to it).Fabric Tote (13)

Then I made one more fabric tote with different set of colours and while I was working on it I have realized that some fabrics have pattern going in the same direction, and you will have to cut main part of fabric in half and turn one of the pieces 180 degrees around so for example, flowers, will not be showing upside down. Now you can create any favorite color combination with beautiful key chain attached to it.Fabric Tote (15)Fabric Tote (16)What is your dream color? If you are looking for more inspiration please e-mail me, and I can add more customaries items just for you.

Sinbad Pants Pattern

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With hot weather comes more “at home” time. I like it so much because it gives me a chance to complete some of my projects and ideas.

This one is especially adorable because I made it for my baby girl. At the same time you can see how she grows.

sinbad pants 10This Sinbad Pants Pattern is simple and doesn’t take time due to the size, and to be honest, I like it so much I’m going to make one for myself once we are back home and I can work with my sewing machine.

This little piece was hand sew (machine which we bought here got broken) so please don’t laugh if some stitching doesn’t look straight. What is important here, that you don’t need to buy anymore pants for your baby with this easy to follow baby pants pattern. You can use almost any type of fabric ends piling up on your shelfs and result will be astonishing each time.

First you need to prepare two squares of fabric. Make it long enough to create an adorable bell shape around the ankles and wide enough to allow space for diaper and comfortable move.

My baby is 8 months old now and I have cut fabric which is L: 47 cm and W:50 cm.

sinbad pants 1To create a desired pattern I have used other pants and after putting both pieces of fabric together (left side of fabrics inside facing each other) first I have cut left side with print of back shape of pants and then right side with print of front shape of pants.

sinbad pants 2sinbad pants 3I hope you can see how left and right sides are different from each other? This will be our front and back of pants.

sinbad pants 4Now we need to stitch pieces in correct order. I have used French Stitch so pants can look pretty inside out.

sinbad pants 5We need to start from those curvy parts. The fabrics were already correctly aligned, if you have followed my instruction carefully, so you don’t have to move anything. First we stitch on the right side. Then we turn it inside and stitch on the left side.

sinbad pants 6Once both curves are done we need to turn the fabric on the right side again and open it flat to form the legs.

sinbad pants 7

We stitch it on the right side all the way and then turn on the left and stitch it all the way again. I love the French Stitch. It is so clean and organized and prevents fabric damages in the washing 🙂

sinbad pants 8

Now we need to fold ends of pants and top of it forming space for elastic. I have used elastic 0.5 cm wide for legs and 1 cm wide for waist line.

sinbad pants 9

I have put it on my little model but taking pictures was almost impossible. She has started crawling couple of weeks ago and we simply can’t hold her in place. I had to wait for a nap time and then it was much easier!:)

sinbad pants 12

sinbad pants 14

Lucky girl, sleeping so nicely and peacefully. Have a sweet dream Anna!

Window Ledge Cushion

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A long, long time ago, or maybe not so long ago, there was a little girl who was very sad as her beautiful window ledge was cold to sit on and very empty.window 8

window 12Don’t cry little girl, we will make a super comfy window ledge cushion for you.

Recycle, recycle! This is my favorite thing to do. We used sponge cushions from this love seat.window 11

After removing the covers, cutting the sponge to the right size and washing it we glued all the pieces together with glue spray.

window1Then we used an old bed sheet to sew the first cover for the sponge. This will secure it from wearing it off on the thicker upholstery fabric. Velcro was an excellent idea to close the flat long pocket opening.

window 2

Now the main cover on the top with a long zipper on the side. Perfect!window 3

A pillow on each side and matching curtains in each window.

window 6What a lovely, warm and cozy room we have created!

window 13window 4What a happy little girl!window 7

Now she can relax with her friend on the queen style window ledge cushion.

Pink Vest Winner

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Hello Everybody!

Thank you so much for all the interest and participation in my little PINK VEST competition.

I’m really sorry for delay with announcement.

We have the winner!

pink vest 4pink vest 8








Winning comment was posted by Dastan. Congratulation!

Pink vest winnerIf anybody would like to order customs made vest which will fit desired age group and will have perfect colors combination please contact me.

Pillowcase Tutorial For Beginners

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Hi Friends!

I have prepared very simple pillowcase tutorial for beginners. You can sew perfect pillowcase in about 15 minutes. I have used tapestry (jeans needle) but you can go with any fabric you like (recommended none elastic).

My final design of pillowcase will be size: 43 x 46 cm so please prepare strip of fabric which is 46 x 120 cm.

First we need to double fold and sew ends about 1 cm deep.


Then you need to fold the fabric and create desired length of pillowcase 46 cm.


Pin it all around and make sure the fabric is perfectly flat.


Sew it on the right side first. Use zigzag stitch to prevent the fabric from peeling and then use straight stitch just above it 0.5 cm from the edge.


Then turn the fabric on the left side and sew on both sides keep about 1.5 cm from the edge.

Turn it back on the right side and you will see the result! This tube pillowcase is amazing! Now you can sew as many simple pillowcases as you want in no time.

Have fun!


Frozen Vest

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I have fantastic new Frozen Vest design which will make your kids happy and keep their back warm in cold winter days! I can’t believe how much fun I had myself while working on it.

Frozen Vest 15My older daughter got her Frozen “fever” some time ago. Lets face it, any Frozen related products (or any other Disney characters) are so expensive! I really had to try and design something Frozen- like myself. Grab this free vest design and get creative with colors, fabrics and shapes.

Frozen Vest 1

I came up with reversible vest which is going to be winter related on both sides. One side is made of fluffy Minky fabric and the other side from flannel. You will need to take a few measurements. We need the back width (between the shoulders), the depth of the armscye (from the top of the shoulder down to the arm pit) and the length of the vest (from the top of the shoulder to the waist line). My daughter is seven and my dims were as follow: W: 34 cm, D: 22 cm, L: 35 cm. You need to cut the back and the front two times from both fabrics.

Frozen Vest aI have decided to add a small ruffle around. If you’d like to add it as well please cut two identical pieces of similar shape like on the photo below. Mine has 15 cm width. Length dependence on this how much ruffle you would like to have.

Frozen Vest 4You could use a lighter type of ruffle fabric to make it more airy but I’m worried that my active girl will have it ripped first day, so I’m going with flannel.

Once you have all necessary pieces sew them together in pairs as on the pictures.Frozen Vest bFirst top of the shoulders, then on the sides and in the end add the ruffle. Please sew one more time along the connecting seam of the main part of the vest and ruffle in order to make edge sit flat underneath.

Frozen Vest 6The same has to be done for both sets of the vest.

Frozen Vest 6aWhen we turn it on the right side it should look like this:

Frozen Vest 11While both sets are on the left side sew all around keeping maybe 0.5 to 1 cm margin from the edge. Use pins to prevent the fabrics from moving. Make sure all parts meet neatly.

Frozen Vest 7Now you need to make a few small cuts of fabric in all those places where we have a curve shape. I made mine about 1 cm apart from each other on the curve part of the ruffle and around the neck line of the vest.

Frozen Vest 8

It has to be done in order to flatten and thin the fabrics once we turn everything on the right side. All the shapes will look clear and firm.

Frozen Vest 10Turn the vest on the right side through the armscye. Then go all around again to keep the fabrics together and prevent them from moving.

A very important part left: the armscye! Be careful while putting both fabrics together, make sure they will not move against each other and sew slowly! This is a very crucial part for a quality finish.Frozen Vest 12Now we need to add some decorative elements like Frozen snow flakes (I got them from the local fabric store). I sewed it on by hand attaching to the one layer of fabric only, so the stitch is not visible on the reverse side. We could have done it at the very beginning of the procedure but at that time I wasn’t sure in which places I would like to have them so I kept it for last.

Frozen Vest 14 Frozen Vest 16

Frozen Vest 13This is a very simple vest pattern for kids with a little twist from the Disney story. Don’t underestimate the Frozen’s power hahaha! She can manage outside in -5C without a jacket! You are welcome, sweet Parya, you look so fashionable in it.

Frozen vest Parya 3

Enjoy sewing!

Baby Pink and Baby Blue – GIVE IT UP!

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Can you believe how markets and social conventions made us to use pink and blue for our babies? I say “GIVE IT UP” break out from this madness. There is so many beautiful colors out there and I’m sure you have your favorites but when it comes to the shopping you simply can’t find anything else than baby pink and baby blue.

As you could see on number of my previous posts my baby daughter, who was born few months ago, got a number of lovely items in light purple. I have few pictures with some of them.


Don’t you think it is lovely? If you would like to get a purple collection of items in the best baby store or even on line it would be rather difficult not mentioning quite expensive. I have tried really hard to find some purple items in the local shops and I have finally ended up sewing everything myself.


I have decided to start campaign against baby pink and baby blue. I’m asking you what is your favorite color? Maybe orange or red? Close your eyes and imagine your baby’s room decorated and equipped with items of green, yellow or chocolate brown.

Pick your own combination of colors if you wish and make a list of items which you would like to have. Then e-mail me or find local tailor who can make your dreams come truth.

I have been busy for last couple of weeks with new gorgeous collection.

You can see how green, yellow and just touch of blue can look like 🙂 This has been prepared for my little nephew who will come to this world in few weeks time.


I have sewn pillow case and duvet cover from soft flannel with adorable elephant pattern. Thin polar come handy for blanket and another pillow case. Baby blanket from super soft Minky is the winner!

Cotton and some decorative tape made lovely curtain (same style like purple one :)).


Final touches with little owl, bib and burp cloth.


owel soft toy

Would you try something new for your baby? If YES, then I’m waiting for your order 🙂 you will be amazed with sawing you can make. Don’t be shy use your imagination!


Baby Sleeping Bag Tutorial

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Hi all!

I have an amazing tutorial for an extremely easy sleeping bag for a baby.

I took as many pictures as possible to give full guidelines.

Let’s start with the type of fabric. Since the baby shouldn’t sleep with any additional blankets I picked a thin type of polar fleece, about 110 cm by 75 cm. After a couple of months my baby is about 56 cm long from the top of the head to the tip of its feet, so 75 cm is actually extra but I would like my sleeping bag to be good for the next season as well.

Fold the fabric in half along the short side and cut it. One side will be our front, the other one will be the back.

Cut the front in half again and then shape it on one side as on the picture. You can also make a more straight shape or a rectangle.

sleeping bag 1 sleeping bag 2Then you should sew both pieces in the middle with about 2 cm space from the edge of the fabric. We will need this belt later while we are working with the zipper.

sleeping bag 3Now you need to cut two pieces of fabric 10cm wide and 80 cm long (just about 5cm longer than your intended length of the sleeping bag).

sleepingbag1Sew those two pieces together in about 2/3rd of its width. Then iron it flat and pin in the zipper like on the picture.

The next step is to place the zipper face down on the inside of the sleeping bag but you have to make sure that the 2 cm edge which you left earlier will be nicely folded so the machine will sew thru it as well.

sleepingbag2This zipper is now covered on both sides. I have decided to do this extra work to make sure the baby will not get scratched by the edges of the zipper.

You can remove the stitching on both fabrics along the zipper.

sleepingbag3Now we need to fold and sew the other side of the covering fabric from underneath.

Also fold the top and the bottom ends hiding end of the zipper inside and sew around.

sleepingbag4Let’s sew the front and the back of the sleeping bag together and finish off around the neck line and arms with zigzag to have it flat from inside.

sleeping bag 11You can also add some decoration on the front or leave it plain if the fabric has a pattern already.

sleeping bag 12This sleeping bag is going to be very useful thru the whole winter and early spring.

sleeping bag 14

sleeping bag 18I also hope you found this zipper tutorial very helpful.

Easy Bibs Tutorial

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When the little one has arrived and you think everything is absolutely prepared and ready you may realize that something very essential is missing. Yes, I forgot to prepare bibs for my little one, or rather I thought I’m not going to need them. Hehe… now this thought is rather funny and I’m in a big rush to come up with a few nice bibs so we can get all those spills and burbs with content under control.

Since the baby is taking most of my time I have to come up with some simple and fast ideas for bibs. This is how I have created this Fast Bibs Tutorial, just in case if one of you is in a terrible rush as well.

I have a few designs to present and you can easily make them by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine.

For each of them we will need about 5 to 10 minutes, unless you do it by hand; then maybe 20-25 minutes will be needed.

The first one is in the shape of an oval.

bibs 2I used this towel underneath and soft fabric on top.

bibs 3I zigzagged both fabrics all around to prevent moving before I added wide double folded tape. You can leave longer ends to tie into a bow on the back or on the side, or you can add a little snap to clip it on.

bibs 4Since my baby is still very little and I would not like to have something tied on the back of her neck (as she is lying down for most of the time) I moved tie to the side.

bibs 5The next bib idea is more fancy and even simpler. I took square shaped soft fabric, folded it all around, then folded it in half and added a snap at the back. This bib looks like a wild Western necktie.

bibs 9The last one which I prepared has also an oval shape but with additional fabric around the neck and a piece of Velcro at the back. This one protects the best.

bibs 1 bibs 6 bibs 7 bibs 8

If you have some other easy bibs tutorials to share please let me know and I will add them to this post.

bibs 12

First Day at School – Pencil Case

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I know, I know 🙂 The First Day at School was about 5 weeks ago!

I was really late with preparations this year. And  therefore I missed out all the good shopping deals not mentioning the fact nice items were simply sold out. This is how my daughter ended up without pencil case. There was no other choice: I had to make her one myself.

I used fancy fabric to make it extra nice, of about 45 x 55 cm. I sewed in some flece inside to give that soft touch on the top. Then I sewed in elastic in the measured spots to make little pockets for the markers and crayons. Once all was set I have fold it in half, places some cardboard sheets in between and sewed it all around. Then I added two lines of stitching to show where case should fold up. Some velcro for closing and the name on the top so nobody will dare to borrow it without asking 🙂

pencil case 1 pencil case 2 pencil case 5
pencil case 10 pencil case 11

pencil case 6pencil case 8 pencil case 9

Then I made another case, a bit smaller and with snaps. This one looks pretty fancy too 🙂 The side pocket will allow to fit in different types of note pads – AWESOME! as my daughter said 🙂

pencil case 14 pencil case 15 pencil case 16

Now your turn! Try and make pencil case yourself.