Holidays in Kurdistan

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I’m quite sure that most of you don’t know yet that I have started my long holidays in Kurdistan. It will not be easy to find this location on the map. Kurdistan is located on the Northern part of Iraq and it has vanished from the world map in 1916 based on Franco – British agreement in Sykes-Picot. Kurdish are biggest nation without country in the modern world and counts almost 40 mln people.

Original Kurdistan got split between Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.


We are visiting Iraqi part which has the most of freedom and autonomy. Beautiful flag demonstrate in red colour blood of Peshmarga who fought for freedom, white is a piece which was achieved and green with sun  in the middle represents celebration of Nawroz on the first day of spring in Kurdistan.


Enough of history. My Kurdish family is fantastic, very open, warm and welcoming. They all want to learn English and helping me to learn Kurdish (Sorani dialect). We have lots of laughter during those “lessons”.

My favourite tradition is tea time right after each meal. Tea is always strong, hot and very sweet. At the same time everybody snack sunflower seeds fried with salt. When we go back to Canada I’m going to start new Saturday tradition for our afternoon tea time.

Kurdish Tea TimeNow I’m going to take you from sweet tea time to the fabric store. Fabrics are so much different here than in Canada. You can find so many amazing patterns, colours and designs. I would love to buy almost everything! It obviously brings lots of ideas on how to connect modern fashion of Western World with sparkly and colourful fabrics of Middle East. Fusion which comes out of it maybe very surprising.Kurdish FabricsKurdish clothes as they are in the shape and design looks beautiful but I think can be recognized as folklore clothing only. Women and girls wear it only for special occasions however I could see mean wearing traditional pants on daily basis. Imagine how could we change and transform this style and type of fabric to create new trend in fashion or new line of clothing.

Kurdish Clothes'

Kurdish men clothes
Kurdish Clothes


OK lets go back to my favourite section which is clothes for kids. Looking at Disney style and all those sparkly princess dresses I’m quite sure we can easily incorporate parts of shiny fabrics in to daily clothes. I’m planing to show you some simple designs very soon.


Win Free Pink Vest

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Hi All,

(tłumaczenie na język Polski poniżej tekstu angielskiego)

I have an exiting competition for you. The rules are very simple and you can win this fabulous vest for your daughter, granddaughter, niece or other favorite little girl in your life. pink vest 3It is perfect for a birthday gift, any other occasion gift or no occasion gift! This particular item can fit 7-8 years old and has following dims: 33 cm between the shoulders, 45 cm length back, 35 cm length front.

pink vest 1

You can enter in few ways:

1. Subscribe to the newsletter through the website (subscription section is on the left hand side under menu).

2. Leave a comment to any post you like (more comments higher chance to win).

3. Like me on the Facebook.

4. Share link to my website between your friends and ask them to Like me.

pink vest 2

Each action counts as one entry so if you will get all 4 done you will increase your chances to win this gourdes item.

While completing each entry please make sure your e-mail address is correct so we can get in touch without any problems.

Competition will run until 14th of March. We will complete draw on 15th of March an announce the winner.


Witam Wszystkich!

pink vest 5

Mam ekscytujący konkurs dla Was! Zasady są bardzo proste i możesz wygrać tą wspaniałą kamizelkę dla swojej córki, wnuczki, siostrzenicy albo innej wyjatkowej dziewczynki w Twoim życiu. To jest idealny prezent na urodziny, inną okazę lub bez okazji. Ta sztuka pasuje na 7-8 latkę i ma następujące wymiary: 33 cm szerokość pleców, 45 cm długość z tyłu, 35 cm długość z przodu.

pink vest 6Możesz przystapić do konkursu podejmujac następujące kroki:

pink vest 71. Zarejestruj się do otrzymywania maili z nowymi wiadomościami na mojej stronie (rejestracja mieści się po lewej stronie pod meni).

2. Pozostaw komentarz na dowolnym poście (więcej komentarzy zwiększa szansę na wygraną).

3. Lubcie mnie na Facebook.

4.  Dzielcie się linkiem do mojej strony ze swoimi znajomymi i zaproście ich żeby lubili mnie na Facebook.

Każda czynność policzona będzie jako głos, więc jeśli dokonacie wszystkich czterech dostaniecie conajmniej cztery głosy i zwiększycie swoje szanse na wygranie tej pięknej kamizelki.

Podczas kompletacji czynności proszę podać bezbłędny adres e-mailowy co ułatwi nam kontakt.

Konkurs trwa do 14 marca. Losowanie odbędzie się 15 marca i tego samego dnia ogłoszę zwycięscę.


My portfolios

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UntitledOne of my New Year resolution was to have at least 6 posts a month to keep my readers entertained. I have to admit it is not easy but I’m doing my best to acheve it. Also I’m trying to make my website more navigative and convenient to brows with older posts which doesn’t appear on the home page anymore.

It’s still work in progress but you can have a look at my Portfolios page already and please leave comments or use starts and thumb up or down rating, so I have some feedback in my records and keep working on it, or try to find some other solution if this one is not “talking to you” . I do appreciate all Likes on the Facebook but these are not transferable to the blog so please leave your likes directly on posts or pages.

Have fun reading!

2014 Blogging Report

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Dear Friends,

With end of this year I would like to summarize activities on my website and thank all of you for reading it and leaving your comments. All this is very important to me and I have to say results turned up great. Please keep visiting my blog and sharing it with your friends and family, and I will do my best to make it interesting and frequently updated. Each view and comment count so keep up great job you are doing 🙂  thank you very much for that.

I would like to share my 2014 Blogging Report . I’m really glad to see that views come from all over the world, WOW! How cool is that?! I didn’t have any clear target this year so I’m happy how numbers turned up. Maybe we can double it next year?

I would also like to take an opportunity to wish all of you Happy New Year 2015! Make your dreams come truth and keep smiling no matter what.

Lots of hugs


Happy New Year

Baby Girl Arrival

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Hi All!

I’m so excited to share with you some pictures of few days old Anna. She is beautiful, healthy baby and all family is absolutely ecstatic from happiness.

anna 1Older sister is so proud and still can’t believe there is four of us now in the family.

anna 3I wish all the best for my little baby girl. All health and happiness, all wisdom and good character, bright soul and adventures life!

anna 2Welcome to this world Anna!

The One With Art 1st Birthday

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I’m so happy to share with you the 1st anniversary of The One With Art.

I can’t believe it has been 1 year already and you have stayed with me and curiously followed my art and crafts work.

So here I’m sending you huge THANK YOU! Please keep visiting this page and I do promise not to disappoint you.

Happy Birthday for THE ONE WITH ART and I’m hoping for more successful years to come.




Happy 7th Birthday

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Today was a very special day to celebrate! Parya had her 7th birthday.

Happy Birthday sweet Parya! We all love you very much and wish you lots of smile and only sunny days in your life.

We had so much fun on your birthday party! We are sending great thanks to all who came over or called with wishes.

7th Birthday1


Muslim Fest 2014

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Welcome to 2014 Muslim Fest presentation.

Muslim Fest 2014It was so amazing to be here again and experience so big event and exposure.

All of the artists worked hard to prepare fantastic art and present it in best possible way. My only complain would be space usage on the exhibit. We were limited to 5 items of art only but there was actually much more space which could be used and we could easily fit in 7 or 8 pieces each. I think it is going to be my recommendation for next year.

Muslim Fest 2014b

Kids section shined with Parya’s artwork which made us very proud!

Muslim Fest 2104a

I was so happy to see interest in my paintings. Business cards were disappearing from the table. I hope that all of you who have pick them up will be my new viewers on line.

Exhibit was an exiting event and I’m thinking already what to show next year.

See you again on Muslim Fest and for those who didn’t make it this year please try in 2015, you are going to love it.

Muslim Fest 2011 and 2012

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Due to the new upcoming event in Mississauga this year I have decided to share some memories of two Muslim Fests.

I had the pleasure of participating in both of them and showing my art.

Muslim Fest 2011 aThe Muslim Fest has a long tradition in Canada and it has an average of 25 thousand visitors during the 2-day event.

The Art Exhibition is one of many attractions among live music, stand-up comedy shows, camel rides, a bazaar and Middle Eastern food.

These were my first public presentations. I’m sure you can recognize same paintings I have already presented on this website but stay tuned: the new Muslim Fest 2014 is coming up in a few weeks and I will have some new paintings to show. Muslim Fest 2012