Cat Stuffie Pattern

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I have decided to stop for a moment with my projects and sew something special for my younger daughter Anna. She loves a couple of cartoons and I have wide selection of different characters which could become her favourite toy. I think best will be cat stuffie pattern as this little fellow is adorable and so fabulous and cuddly. I prepared a photo of all pieces which we are going to need for this cat sewing pattern.stuffieI have started with ears which should be pointy and quite firm. I  sewed on a on pink triangle first and then connected two white parts on the left side. Once turned on the right side I have stuffed a bit of pillow stuffing. You can also get stuffing in the fabric stores but I got mine in the Walmart on sale, it came cheaper than fabric store and there is no difference between them.stuffie 2We need to sew on a little nose in the middle. As you can see it is not a perfect round nose. I did two small cuts on the sides to remind nose holes. Then we need to sew some fabric on the back of the face to add a little of volume and shape. With just a few stitches we can avoid the face to be so flat once we stuff it.stuffie 3Please see how it looks like on the back. We have to tie all those little threats. Stitches are about 1 – 1.5 cm long dependence on the size you are planing to make. I’m aiming for 25 cm long toy but I have to admit that cat stuffed animal patterns are much more difficult when you are trying to make them small. If I would go any smaller I don’t think there is a point to use sewing machine any more, it would be much easier to sew it by hand.stuffie 4Now we need to combine the front and back sides of the head and ears at the same time. You have to make sure ears are inside and in the right position so pink will be on the same side as nose. You can check it picking between pieces of the head.stuffie 5All looks good so now you can sew it together. You need to be careful around the ears. Make sure nothing will slip out. If you are sewing with thicker fabric like mine, sewing machine will crank on you in those multi layer places so you need to be very careful and slow.stuffie 6When we turn it on the right side and put some stuffing in head should have oval shape. If you want to have it more 3D shape then you need to cut both front and back of the head bigger and make those 3 or even 4 small triangle stitches on the inside. This will give more volume to the fabric and more space for stuffing.stuffie 7Now we need to make hands and legs. If you are sewing from thick fabric please make a bit bigger shapes than I have originally presented. This size was good for hand sewing not a machine and when I have sew it with machine it became very slim and too small, so I had to cut it again, this time a bit bigger as per below photo.stuffie 8Now we can combine the body of stuffie with its hands. We will do it on the left side again and hands have to be already inserted in the right position. You can also make few of those small triangular stitches to make body a bit more round or go flat as I did. I thought it will be good enough and more stuffing will create desired shape.stuffie 10Please be careful with your sewing machine in those places where hands are attached. I have left opening from the bottom to turn it all on the right side.stuffie 11Now I have added stuffing and the head. I have attached it by hand stitch and went around two times to make sure it holds well.stuffie 12Once the stuffing was in I could position the legs and close it down. Hand sewing did come in handy again. I don’t think my machine would be able to manage through it especially legs are also stuffed so all become far to bulky to sew with machine.stuffie 9Each cat stuffie patter must have a tail! This is one of the most important parts to underline characteristic of the animal. I wanted my tail slim and curvy, so I did some more of hand sewing. To make it more interesting to play with I have added small bell at the end of it before I have pushed in some stuffing. It will be more fun to play with it.stuffie 13Ok, tail is in its place now and it looks perfect. I did double stitch again as I’m sure my daughter will hold this part of toy for most of the time.stuffie 14Now we have to add some more details on the cat’s face and belly. Does this stuffie look familiar to you? I hope it does and I’m sure Anna is going to love it.stuffie 16I think this cat stuffed animal patter is quite easy and since mine is quite small it took me just an hour to make it. If you have any other cat sewing patter’s to share please e-mail me. Just look at this fabulous face, he is little movie star and will be softest plush to cuddle.stuffie 17If you didn’t like it so much or maybe cat stuffie is not an easy patter for you please try this super easy owl stuffie and if you wish I can make separate tutorial on it. Most important thing is to try, and you may surprise yourself with an awesome toy for your kids.owel soft toyI hope you had fun and I will see you reading my next post very soon. Keep up your great work and remember there is no difficult sewing pattern until you actually try it and this cat stuffie patter has proven it to me as well

Cat Stuffie Pattern, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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    Super nice! Please make Nelly & Nora dolls. My daughter is keeps asking for it and I don’t know where to start with it. Thanks Kate

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