Banana Paper and Acrylic Paints

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I have started working on new idea. I’m painting small size pictures on the Banana Paper which I brought from Cuba, with acrylic paints. Those can be beautifully framed and easily sold on the art fair which is coming up in November. Based on paintings I’m planing to print greetings cards and small calendar cards for 2016 year. It will be colourful and attractive for many potential customer not mentioning additional advertisement as The One With Art details will be printed on the reverse.

card 1I’m using metallic Acrylic Paints. It brings a bit of special effect and glamorous shine.

card 3I have chose simple floral and landscape theme with bright colours. This will pull customer’s eyes and can meet needs of colour preferences.

card 2During upcoming weeks I will share with you further paintings until whole collection is ready for greeting cards design. I’m planing to have some hand painted greeting cards and some printed greeting cards. Which one would you prefer to buy?

Banana Paper and Acrylic Paints, 5.0 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

3 thoughts on “Banana Paper and Acrylic Paints

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    What a brilliant idea, and like you say, they’re easy to frame and sell. Hand-painted cards woud be much nicer, especially if the texture of the paper is part of the picture.
    You could make both to cater for different purposes. The printed ones would be cheaper and people could use them for normal writing, not just special occasions.
    Love them already, and will definitely look to buy some from you!

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      Thanks Syb! I know I can count on you and yes there will be texture of the paper for hand painted cards.

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    I just love your art so much!

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