Baby Sleeping Bag Tutorial

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Hi all!

I have an amazing tutorial for an extremely easy sleeping bag for a baby.

I took as many pictures as possible to give full guidelines.

Let’s start with the type of fabric. Since the baby shouldn’t sleep with any additional blankets I picked a thin type of polar fleece, about 110 cm by 75 cm. After a couple of months my baby is about 56 cm long from the top of the head to the tip of its feet, so 75 cm is actually extra but I would like my sleeping bag to be good for the next season as well.

Fold the fabric in half along the short side and cut it. One side will be our front, the other one will be the back.

Cut the front in half again and then shape it on one side as on the picture. You can also make a more straight shape or a rectangle.

sleeping bag 1 sleeping bag 2Then you should sew both pieces in the middle with about 2 cm space from the edge of the fabric. We will need this belt later while we are working with the zipper.

sleeping bag 3Now you need to cut two pieces of fabric 10cm wide and 80 cm long (just about 5cm longer than your intended length of the sleeping bag).

sleepingbag1Sew those two pieces together in about 2/3rd of its width. Then iron it flat and pin in the zipper like on the picture.

The next step is to place the zipper face down on the inside of the sleeping bag but you have to make sure that the 2 cm edge which you left earlier will be nicely folded so the machine will sew thru it as well.

sleepingbag2This zipper is now covered on both sides. I have decided to do this extra work to make sure the baby will not get scratched by the edges of the zipper.

You can remove the stitching on both fabrics along the zipper.

sleepingbag3Now we need to fold and sew the other side of the covering fabric from underneath.

Also fold the top and the bottom ends hiding end of the zipper inside and sew around.

sleepingbag4Let’s sew the front and the back of the sleeping bag together and finish off around the neck line and arms with zigzag to have it flat from inside.

sleeping bag 11You can also add some decoration on the front or leave it plain if the fabric has a pattern already.

sleeping bag 12This sleeping bag is going to be very useful thru the whole winter and early spring.

sleeping bag 14

sleeping bag 18I also hope you found this zipper tutorial very helpful.

Baby Sleeping Bag Tutorial, 5.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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    That’s amazing, sounds easy to make, but am sure needs lots of time, thanks for teaching us all this nice stuff 🙂

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    This is so gorgeous! Do you make them in a UK size 12? (Only kidding!) 🙂

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