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portrait-kate-tokarska-1Hi! My name is Kate and I’m proud to present “my space” which I’m going to share with you. You can find here some sewing patterns, fine art pieces and small home upgrades or repairs. I have lived in a few places in the world so far, and I’m going to show the influence of my travels and the mix of cultures which I have had the pleasure to enjoy. If you are interested to travel with me please sign up for weekly updates. First I will take you to my home town in Poland with its folkloric colors, and my family house which is like my port where I can always come back to if “something goes wrong” in my life.   family house in LowiczwycinankaOur second stop is Scotland. Full of wonders and old stories. You can almost feel some elves behind the next little hill in the landscape. The weather is not so great but Scotland is the perfect environment for artistic souls. Scotland1Scotland2Aberdeen ParkRight from this green and rainy location we fly few thousand kilometres to a very hot and sunny place! Dubai…. Yes this was my next stop and I could physically feel how my brain soaked up the images and smells, and the colours of beige, brown and gold. All those miracles of architecture and design, WOW  – it really blew me away.Dubai 1Dubai 2Dubai 3 The last picture is a view from my balcony. I just loved it!

Nevertheless, I have moved again and the fourth place which I would like to show you is Canada. My eyes were resting again on the green of forests and meadows. So much  nature on our doorstep! I have evening serenades of crickets in my back yard in summer and white snow squeaking under my boots in winter. Four seasons are so refreshing! Canada 1Niagara Falls Yes, I guess I’m trying to ‘concord’ around the World! Join me and we can explore everything together.

About Kate, 5.0 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

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