DIY Toilet Paper Holder

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Many of you don’t know it but we bought a new house a few months ago and we are still working on some re-decorations and painting. I have painted our powder room recently and installed some accent shelves. Now I have to design a fancy toilet paper holder to make it look even better.

What do you think about reversible DIY Toilet Paper Holder? I think this is a great idea to prevent boredom and since I have introduced two colors of towers I can switch the look of my powder room around dependence on my mood.You can see this big transformation of my powder room in photos. If you plan to refresh yours make sure you are well prepared and if you are it shouldn’t take longer than 1 day. But I should go bask to the main subject of this post and tell you my DIY Toilet Paper Holder design and very simple pattern to follow. I didn’t take measurements with measuring tape, I have simply rolled toilet paper over the sheet of fabric and kept some 2 inches on each end of the additional finish. I have also cut two longer pieces which were about an inch wide and half longer than the main strip of fabric.First I have prepared strings. You will have to double fold it and then sew all along. Once I did the same with both of the strips I cut them in half to have the total of 4 strings. Each of them should have an ending knot on one side.Now I have created gathering on the piece of the white window curtain. I did it about 2 inches wide. Put your top tension setting on zero (0). The sewing machine will start gathering for you. Sew it all the way and then see if you would like to have more folds. I did like to have quite a lot of it, so I have pulled one of the threats to push fabric closer to each other.
Once you have completed gathering and you have cut it off from the rest of the fabric you can start sewing it on once of the wider strips. Make sure to position the thrill on the right side of the fabric.This is how it looks like after completing.Now when you flip it, the thrill will be neat and clean and the stitch will be on the inside.Then you have to repeat the same on the other side of the first fabric strip. Once done you can sew on the second strip as shown in the photo below. Both fabric strips should face each other and thrills on the inside between the strips. Make sure to keep the spare fabric on each end so you can fold it in later and close the gaps.This is how it looks after flipping it all on the right side. I have sewed it through again along of each side.Now you can fold in ends and add strings. You should have two of them at each end.
This is how finished product looks like. Now you can attach it and your DIY toilet paper holder works like a charm. Now you can reverse it on the other side and pretend you have two 🙂