Double Strand Crossing Bracelet

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As I have promised I have prepared another tutorial on a double wire beaded bracelet which I have named Double Strand Crossing Bracelet to highlight the difference between those two tutorials.

You will need about half a meter long wire, locker, pearl beads and glass seed beads.Bracelet 2You will have to prepare the wire exactly the same like we did it for the previous bracelet by securing the wire on one side of the locker with stainless steel seed which has to be squeezed with players to keep it in place.

Then we need to add 9 seed glass beads on each string and cross the wire on the pearl bead.Bracelet 3Then you need to add another 9 seed beads on each string again and cross them on the single seed bead.Bracelet 4After that you will add another 9 seed beads and add another pearl bead and cross the wire through it.Bracelet 5You will go on with same pattern until bracelet has desired length. My pearl was about 1 cm big and it took 6 of them to complete the full size of the bracelet.Bracelet 6Then I have added second part of the locker and secured the wire with steel bead.Bracelet 7It is not to bad but I was not happy with those wires coming out from the pearls. There was no simple way to cover it up. I have tried to feed wires though singe seed which should cover top and bottom of pearls but then wire got dis-formatted and it didn’t float nicely between the pearls anymore.Bracelet 8Then I thought we can spice it up a bit and make same patter but in fancy setting. I have used glass beads and charm beads.

First change to the earlier pattern is that instead of single seed bead to cross wires I have used two of them, one on each side of crystal bead.Bracelet 9Another difference is that I have managed to hide the wire which is crossing the charm beads. I have added 5 beads which are going through the bead opening and both wires crossing each other at the same time while crossing inside of the charm bead.Bracelet 10You may have to use 5 or 6 additional seed beads inside of big bead. All dependence on the thickness of the seed beads as they are not even with each other.
Bracelet 11This picture shows clearly how I have crossed the wires.Bracelet 12 Then you go on and on until bracelet is finished. Bracelet 13 It got a bit longer than the first one due to the additional crystal beads in between those big once but it was maybe 1 cm longer which doesn’t compromise functionality.Bracelet 15It looks better than the first one with white pearls and the pattern is so similar.
Bracelet 18It is my new favorite one! Which double strand crossing bracelet would you prefer?

Double wire beaded bracelet is so much more fun than single wire. It opens so many new possibilities and gives much more interesting results. I got in love in it so you should expect more tutorials coming up soon.Bracelet 1


Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

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I have made a Jewellery Organizer some time ago and my daughter kept asking me for her own jewelry hanger. I came up with this nice tutorial to show you how to make picture frame jewelry holder which is super easy and quick to assemble.

It will make you and your daughter happy as there will be no more jewelry on the loose all over the house.  We have to start with a few supplies. I got all of those pieces in dollar store.jewelery hanger 1We need a wooden frame (make sure it has wide frame so there is enough space for hangers), some paints (I have used acrylics), a paint brush, your favorite photo, and stick on hooks. First you need to paint the frame. I have let me daughter to do all this job and she has truly enjoyed it. We are making a kids jewelry holder after all , so let your kids to be involved and have some fun.jewelery hanger 2While the kids are painting you can have your tea or coffee break in piece 🙂 It is going to be about 20 minutes depends on the size of the frame.jewelery hanger 3Add any decorations or patters to make it more interesting. We have painted bunch of white polka dots but you can really paint whatever you want. jewelery hanger 4Then we have planned how to place all the hooks to make most sense out of the available space.jewelery hanger 5The frame is all dry now, so we can put the picture in and get on sticking those hangers.
jewelery hanger 6We are almost there. Now we have to add some sort of hanger on the back of the frame so we can hang it on the wall.jewelery hanger 7I have used a matching ribbon and wood stapler. Some frames comes with hangers so you can skip this step.jewelery hanger 8It is so an easy jewelry holder. It took total of 1 hour of fun for my daughter and she feels truly proud of it. Give it a try! You can obviously design your own picture frame jewelry holder and organize all of rings and bracelets. I have noticed that since I had mine jewelry displayed I have started using it more.jewelery hanger 9


Double Wire Beaded Bracelet

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I was searching for some super nice Mother’s Day Gift Idea and I came across this beautiful design of a bracelet. I know my Mom would love it in the colour red so I have decided to make it right away and to share it with you. Double Wire Beaded Bracelet is not so difficult like one could think. There is so many ways of twisting those two wires to make stunning designs. I will share few of them during upcoming weeks and I hope you will find some of them or maybe all of them, interesting and add them to your personal collection.Double wire 1We need to start with fixing wire on the end of the locker. I have used about half a meter long wire and band it in half which has created two even ends. I have added a metal seed size 2 and I have squeezed it with pliers which will stop the wire from moving and make nice a clear connection with the locker. I have used the smallest pearl beads which is about 2 mm diameter and a medium bead which is about 5 mm but if you use bigger (7 mm) pattern will look even better but then you will have to add another small bead on the top wire.Double wire 2Can you see how the top wire is cuddling bigger pearl? Now you need to add a second section which will repeat of this what you did before but now the big pearl will go on the top wire and smaller will go on the bottom. Then you have to do it repeat and switch sides again. Remember to cross wire in the fifth bead.Double wire 3You have to go on until the bracelet will have the desired length about 18-20 cm and it took me 13 sections to get it right. It all depends on the size of the beads you will use. Some of them maybe a bit smaller or bigger, so you will have to work out the adjustments.Double wire 4Now you will have to add second part of the locker. I have added a metal seed bead again to have wire locked and stop from moving. Make sure both wires will go through it.Double wire 5Now once you have locked it with pliers you will have to push each of them through couple of beads and then cut it off as close as possible. It will create neat look and professional finish.Double wire 6

Double wire 7The finished product is just adorable. Then you can make more with different types of beads and create different colours on different occasions. I love the purple one where I have combined glass medium size seed beads with medium pearls. This Double Wire Beaded Bracelet turned up super nice and you probably know best which colour would make your Mom’s eyes to sparkle. There is so many Mother’s Day Gift Ideas out there but nothing says how much we love them like hand-made gift which they can treasure for long years. Double wire 9