Pearls Bracelet

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pearls bracelet (7)I love to mix and match so we will make a little break from sewing and we will check on this super cute design of a pearl bracelet which is easy to make and it matches so many different outfits.

The first and the most important is to pick your favourite colours and sizes. I have picked mine but now when I have second look at it I regret I didn’t add few bigger pearls here and there.pearls bracelet (3)As you can see we need pearl beads some eye pins, chain with defined size of eyes and the locker.pearls bracelet (2)I hope you have noticed this special type of the locker? This one is usually used to lock necklines with a ribbon but I thought it will be great for multi layers bracelet. I love those small eyes on the end of each part. I will add 5 individual bracelets to it.

I used eye pins to make lots of pearl beads which are ready for connection with jump rings and pieces of chain.pearls bracelet (4)To make it interesting I thought of connecting them with different length of chains which will make the impression of bulkiness. Pearls will overlap each other and if you would go for several sheds of same colour it would look absolutely beautiful as well.pearls bracelet (5)Once you have all 5 chains you are ready to add it in to the locker. You have to make sure that chains are equal length or gently decreasing length if you want it to keep layers of colour not mixing up while you are wearing this jewellery. Bracelets usually rest slightly below the wrist which has irregular shape. You can try to manipulate length of individual chains to make them fit perfectly. I did it with this one and effect was really good, each chain kept its position.pearls bracelet (9)You may have to add all chains to the locker and test it first before finding right length of an individual chain. Another important thing is to have all rings and eyes locked fully. You can see on below picture example of few gaps which can cos issues and disconnection. We want to avoid it at all cost so please double check each loop before wearing your pearls bracelet, this will save you some time fixing it later on.pearls bracelet (6)This is final effect. Looks really good. Between any other pearl jewellery making ideas I found this one medium easy and you need to invest some time to incorporate pieces of chain between pearl beads but it is worth it. I didn’t see similar bracelet anywhere in town!pearls bracelet (8)Since I like it so much I will make further tutorial on this how to make pearl bracelet designs and I will share it with you. This is all about imagination and an ambition. If something looks a bit difficult to you it doesn’t meant you can’t do it. You just need to try, and then try again until you make it 🙂 Good luck with your imagination and awesome designs of your own.

How to Shorten Pants With a Zipper

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how to shorten pantsEvery sewer should know basic clothes operation like shortening pants. I have decided to show you How to Shorten Pants With a Zipper which is probably a bit more complicated than just shortening regular pants but it is not as much complicated like shortening pants with zipper and to shorten pants (1)First you have to mark desired pants length. It is best to unzip the zipper and straighten the fabric. You should mark the place where the fabric touches the floor right on the heel, with shoes on the foot, the pants will lift about an inch over the ground which is what you want to to shorten pants (2)We will cut the leg about 1 inch below the mark so we have enough of fabric to fold it up to shorten pants (3)Then you have to remove extra zipper parts. First I have remove a stitch on 1 inch length of it and cut half way through. We will need a bit of zipper left to sew it inside of the to shorten pants (4)Now we need to secure end of each side of the zipper on the bottom of it. You should look for a place where zipper will bend and disappear in the fold of the to shorten pants (5)I have put pins all around the fold. When you start sewing on your machine please remember to sew back and forth with reverse gear. how to shorten pants (7)Do the same on the beginning and the end where zipper is folded in to the fabric. It will make sure to keep all parts in the position. To make it even stronger I used stitch size 2 while on the fold around the leg I used stitch size 4 which matched the length of the stitch used to shorten pants (6)Now you can do the same with second leg. When both are done iron it neatly. This is how to shorten pants with a zipper. It is obviously much easier when you do it with the machine. For those who doesn’t have a sewing machine you can follow same steps but you will have to complete all sewing by hand. how to shorten pants (9)Good luck with your sewing and I hope my post was useful.