Fabric Tote Bag Tutorial

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Fabric Tote (14)A few weeks ago my daughter signed up for language course and she asked me to sew some nice fabric tote for her books and notes. I didn’t think much on designing it. It did some up quite nice, so I have decided to make this fabric tote tutorial to show how easy is to sew it.

Start from preparing two strips of fabric measuring 11 cm by 60 cm and one large strip 38 cm by 96 cm.

I have used tapestry which is much stronger and resistant to wear and tear and tapestry threat.

Fabric Tote (1)You can start with either bag or ears of it. We will use French stitch to cover fabric edge and prevent from pilling. First we sew on the left side leaving opening on the end in order to turn it on the right side. I have used this pretty flower mark to show where my opening is.Fabric Tote (2)Once you turn it then you sew it all around again and opening should be folded inside in order to close in the same way like all around. Fabric Tote (3)Now you can’t really see where my opening was in the first place.

Now we need to sew main part of tote. This time we will start on the right side of fabric. Cut off a bit of fabric in the corners, so it can fold nicer when we turn it on the left side.Fabric Tote (4)Then we need to turn it on the left side and sew it again on left and right. Make sure to keep distance from the edge so all extra fabric will hide inside of covering.Fabric Tote (5)Can you see how nice and straight it is?

Now we need to sew through the corners. it will create some volume at the bottom and fabric will not be under a lot of stress when you load some wide and heavy items like 2l bottle of water.

I have decided to make about 6.5 – 7 cm wide corners.Fabric Tote (6)To make sure both corners are aligned perfectly you can try to create a square and measure each side if they are identical, and then mark and sew through.Fabric Tote (7)Once this is done you can turn your main part of tote on the right side and see effect of it. Some sewies are cutting off remaining part of those two corners and then sewing with zig-zag to hem it but I prefer to leave it as it is. I feel base is stronger this way.

Next step is to fold top opening of tote. I have asked you to cut quite long piece at the beginning just because I think this top fold should be quite wide to create space for ears. Mine is 5 cm wide.Fabric Tote (8)Now we can add ears. You could do it on the inside or on the outside of your tote.Fabric Tote (9)I feel that on the inside makes more proportional impression and finish is neater.

I stitched it all around and across, to create nice square, and it will make sure strong attachment, and I do hope tote can carry at least 6 kg without any damage. Fabric Tote (10)I wouldn’t be myself if I have left off with my tutorial right here. I always love to add something special which makes item more unique. This time I have added handmade jewelry.Fabric Tote (12)Simply collect different types of beads which you think will match (or contrast) your tote. Then compose them in to an interesting elements which complete each other in the desired shape (I simply mean that when you put it together each side of decoration will have similar amount of beads attached to it).Fabric Tote (13)

Then I made one more fabric tote with different set of colours and while I was working on it I have realized that some fabrics have pattern going in the same direction, and you will have to cut main part of fabric in half and turn one of the pieces 180 degrees around so for example, flowers, will not be showing upside down. Now you can create any favorite color combination with beautiful key chain attached to it.Fabric Tote (15)Fabric Tote (16)What is your dream color? If you are looking for more inspiration please e-mail me, and I can add more customaries items just for you.

Busy with Beading

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Beaded Bracelet

I didn’t expect how much I will get in to this beading idea. I started shopping for different designs of beads and connections so I was buried in jump rings and pins for last couple of weeks. Internet is full of instructions and projects from small to big pieces of jewelry. Most important is not to get lost and stay truth to your own idea and vision.

My first idea was to make a nice collection of items which are going to match so I can wear them together with original silver or golden pieces which I already have. Firstly I wanted to make a bracelet which is going to match this gorgeous ring which is made of black silver and has meddle eastern design which makes it to look like an antique. It is not easy to find similar beads to make sense out of it.

Old silver jewelryThis is the ring and I wonder if it makes same impression on you like it does on me? I do think it is quite beautiful.

Since I couldn’t find any beads in similar drop of the water shape I had to concentrate on the colors similarity.

I have selected some crystal beads and dark silver colored metal beads.

Old silver jewelry

Believe me or not but I took at least an hour in the store selecting right type of beads and matching them with the ring.Old silver jewelry

When planning the design you need to take under consideration length of the bracelet so it will not end up to short or to long, so first I have organized beads in different patterns and spaced them out to find my favourite combination with right length and width as I did want this bracelet to be visible on my hand against the ring.

I have started with putting on eye ended pins and closing eyes on the other end. Then I have added jump rings to connect them in between.

Old silver jewelryAfter that I have added dark green beads in between to add this green centre like in the ring.

Old silver jewelryThen I have started adding some white beads to put more blink in to the bracelet and connect with white crystals in the ring.

Old silver jewelryThose small beads were so difficult to make I had to be very careful to not damage them.

I fitted them in between to feel up the gaps. This gives even richer look.

Old silver jewelryOld silver jewelryHow do you like it? Does it look anything like the ring? I do think it matches. Love it, love it a lot!

Old silver jewelryOld silver jewelry

It was quote a challenge to narrow from 3 beads width to one in order to put the lock at the end, but I think this has turned up quite well too.

Busy beading weeks are still to come. I have got hang on the tools and connections and twisting those small eye shapes on the end of pins now I can work with my imagination and show you as many of interesting designs as possible. I hope you will like them and I promise to be creative and show something different from what you can find all over the internet.