How to Make Handmade Greeting Cards

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cards 14I’m sure you have never thought of making your own greeting cards thinking it takes to long or may not look as good as those from the shop.

I’m going to prove you wrong with this easy tutorial and material guide. You will become master of greeting cards in no time.

This is only one of many ideas on front page design and since I love hand-painted greeting cards I have decided to go in this direction but you can think of any other materials like: stickers, partial prints, fabric scraps ect.

First we need to shop a bit and get some fancy tools.

cards 8You will have to decide on the type of medium to choose correct type of paper. I have chosen acrylic metallic paints and paper with some sort of texture. I think most popular and cheapest solution would be water colours but maybe technique of painting is not easy to handle.

Anyway, let’s go back to my project. I got some helpful items which will make my hand-painted cards looks professional. You can see beautiful stamp: “handmade with love”, ink pad in dark brown colour and old gold coloured marker.

cards 7We also need envelopes in desired size, transparent bags and some sort of tape to close bags 6 cards 5 cards 4Now we can start whole process. I have stamped my envelopes.

cards 3Then I cut the paper in to right size so it can fit in to the envelopes. My cards will be folded so there is plenty of space for wishes to this special someone.

cards 2Another stamp on the back of the card and website address of The One With Art. One one of them I have included my signature as well to see how it looks like but I didn’t like it so much, so all the others doesn’t have it any more.

cards 1

cardsFront of the card got flat background so my painting will stand out.

Oh yes, it looks exactly how I wanted! Each card took me about 30 minutes to make. This is big advantage of acrylic paints, it dry’s really fast so you can finish all the details in no time.

cards 12

cards 11Now we need to put the card and envelope together, insert it in to the plastic bag and close on the back with our decorative tape.

cards 10cards 9

Looks professional and person who gets it will feel very special for sure. Good luck with your creations and don’t be shy to let me know about them, I will be more than happy to share it on-line.