Banana Paper and Acrylic Paints

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I have started working on new idea. I’m painting small size pictures on the Banana Paper which I brought from Cuba, with acrylic paints. Those can be beautifully framed and easily sold on the art fair which is coming up in November. Based on paintings I’m planing to print greetings cards and small calendar cards for 2016 year. It will be colourful and attractive for many potential customer not mentioning additional advertisement as The One With Art details will be printed on the reverse.

card 1I’m using metallic Acrylic Paints. It brings a bit of special effect and glamorous shine.

card 3I have chose simple floral and landscape theme with bright colours. This will pull customer’s eyes and can meet needs of colour preferences.

card 2During upcoming weeks I will share with you further paintings until whole collection is ready for greeting cards design. I’m planing to have some hand painted greeting cards and some printed greeting cards. Which one would you prefer to buy?

Pink Vest Winner

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Hello Everybody!

Thank you so much for all the interest and participation in my little PINK VEST competition.

I’m really sorry for delay with announcement.

We have the winner!

pink vest 4pink vest 8








Winning comment was posted by Dastan. Congratulation!

Pink vest winnerIf anybody would like to order customs made vest which will fit desired age group and will have perfect colors combination please contact me.

Kids Art – Spring Project

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What is a better way to keep kids busy like giving them an art project to work on? To complete this Kids Art project please prepare following materials: canvas, acrylic paints (light blue and dark blue, turquoise, orange, yellow, white, black), brush and sponge.

kids art 1

First you need to pour paint over the canvas to make the background. Try to cover all the white spots.the canvas should be standing up right and please make sure there is an old paper underneath to collect all extra paint dripping down. Once paint has rained through the canvas you can put it flat and allow at least an hour to dry.

kids art 2

Now our little artist is going to dab some clouds using a sponge with white paint ….

kids art 3

and then add some blue under white…

kids art 4

Next step is the umbrella. I suggest using any bright colors to make it pop out! Shape may be a bit difficult (dependence on the age of young artist). You could use a big oval plate and then glass to trace edges (it works).

kids art 5

It is very rainy spring painting in deed 🙂 I hope you had fun!

kids art 10

A proud artist took the painting to school this morning and she hopes to hang it in her class. How sweet!

kids art 8

I will do my best to work on more kids art activities and share them with you. My daughter is so enthusiastic and eager to work on any crafts and I have decided to change category name from “Arts and  Crafts” to “Parya’s Corner”.

Pillowcase Tutorial For Beginners

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Hi Friends!

I have prepared very simple pillowcase tutorial for beginners. You can sew perfect pillowcase in about 15 minutes. I have used tapestry (jeans needle) but you can go with any fabric you like (recommended none elastic).

My final design of pillowcase will be size: 43 x 46 cm so please prepare strip of fabric which is 46 x 120 cm.

First we need to double fold and sew ends about 1 cm deep.


Then you need to fold the fabric and create desired length of pillowcase 46 cm.


Pin it all around and make sure the fabric is perfectly flat.


Sew it on the right side first. Use zigzag stitch to prevent the fabric from peeling and then use straight stitch just above it 0.5 cm from the edge.


Then turn the fabric on the left side and sew on both sides keep about 1.5 cm from the edge.

Turn it back on the right side and you will see the result! This tube pillowcase is amazing! Now you can sew as many simple pillowcases as you want in no time.

Have fun!