Baby Girl Arrival

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Hi All!

I’m so excited to share with you some pictures of few days old Anna. She is beautiful, healthy baby and all family is absolutely ecstatic from happiness.

anna 1Older sister is so proud and still can’t believe there is four of us now in the family.

anna 3I wish all the best for my little baby girl. All health and happiness, all wisdom and good character, bright soul and adventures life!

anna 2Welcome to this world Anna!

First Day at School – Pencil Case

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I know, I know 🙂 The First Day at School was about 5 weeks ago!

I was really late with preparations this year. And  therefore I missed out all the good shopping deals not mentioning the fact nice items were simply sold out. This is how my daughter ended up without pencil case. There was no other choice: I had to make her one myself.

I used fancy fabric to make it extra nice, of about 45 x 55 cm. I sewed in some flece inside to give that soft touch on the top. Then I sewed in elastic in the measured spots to make little pockets for the markers and crayons. Once all was set I have fold it in half, places some cardboard sheets in between and sewed it all around. Then I added two lines of stitching to show where case should fold up. Some velcro for closing and the name on the top so nobody will dare to borrow it without asking 🙂

pencil case 1 pencil case 2 pencil case 5
pencil case 10 pencil case 11

pencil case 6pencil case 8 pencil case 9

Then I made another case, a bit smaller and with snaps. This one looks pretty fancy too 🙂 The side pocket will allow to fit in different types of note pads – AWESOME! as my daughter said 🙂

pencil case 14 pencil case 15 pencil case 16

Now your turn! Try and make pencil case yourself.

Nursery – Part 9: Car Seat Cover

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A Car Seat Cover is one of the standard piece of “must have” baby accessories.

Sometimes I can’t believe how the market is coming up with those items and making good money on selling them.

I’m happy to encourage you to make your own accessories. We already have changing mat and travel pouch, so now we need car seat cover.

It is absolutely simple to make and there are few ways of dealing with it.

1. You can simply use large enough square piece of fabric.

2. You can use towel (which can also come handy in hand in changing the diaper situations).

3. You can sew something a bit fancier and match all of the other items you already have.

I will obviously show you how to sew car seat cover which can be also used as cozy blanket for a stroller or bed time in the crib.

I used 2 pieces of fabric. One is a decorative one and the other a soft and worm comforting one.

This is my car seat.

car sit cover 7

I measured it from left to right over the handle in up right position. Then I checked size from handle to the end of the hood and to the bottom of the legs. Please keep some extra centimeters so the cover will not slip inside while you will carry the seat.

car sit cover 1

I decided to make oval shape on each end.

car sit cover 2 car sit cover 3

I sewed it on the left side leaving open spaces on the left and right side for turning it and for feeding tie downs to the car seat.

Once it was turned on the right side I sewed the fabric all around on the edge leaving the openings on the left and right like before and then again about 1.5 cm from the edge, but this time all the way around.

car sit cover 4 car sit cover 5 car sit cover 6

Now I just have to add stitching on the left and right with small entry and exit sections. Make sure you secure it well so threat will not come undone while in use. Then I could feed in folded fabric to tie the cover to the car seat on each side.

car sit cover 9 car sit cover 10 car sit cover 11

A quick ironing and car seat cover is ready to use. Looks great on the car seat and the stroller.

car sit cover 12 car sit cover 13 car sit cover 14



Flower Pots Decoration

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pots upcicle 1

Every fall I’m moving my favorite pots with flowers from the front yard to the inside of the house. Winters are very cold here and plants would not survive it so I like to take care of them inside my home.

As the time has come and we are getting chilly nights already I have decided that I should make preparations for those flowers.

pots upcicle 2

I would usually just keep them on their little stand but this year is going to be more fun!

pots upcicle 3
pots upcicle 4 pots upcicle 5

I filled up top surface of black soil with white lime stones and blue glass gems.

Then I have painted each pot with white paint. You can use any regular wall paint for it.

pots upcicle 8

Then, using acrylic paints with colors matching to the new dining table set I painted and stamped shapes all over.

pots upcicle 6 pots upcicle 7 pots upcicle 9

Once all was dry I  sprayed them with non-yellowing varnish. This should prevent all pattern from damage or scratches. You can get it in any arts and craft store.

pots upcicle 12

Voila! A lovely decorated flower pots arrangement at home and all well below a 20$ budget.


Table Make-Over

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Now that we have completed chair refreshment project we obviously have to transform whole table too.

This is what I had before:

table make-over 1

and this is what we have after a little bit of work.

table make-over 8

I was very lucky with this beautiful color of place mats but I couldn’t get matching napkin holders so I have decided to make them myself.

I have prepared 4 pieces of fabric 25 cm x 10 cm and decorative tape which is 3.5 cm wide.

table make-over 3

I sewed fabric thru on the left side keeping a 3.5 cm width. Then I turned it on the right side and folded each end in together with decorative type. Now we can sew it all around with machine (or by hand) and connect ends to create a loop.

table make-over 4 table make-over 5 table make-over 6

I connected the ends by hand to hide stitches and make sure they meet perfectly at the top and the bottom.

table make-over 7

table make-over 2I just love heaving dinner at my new table now!